Coming Out as a Contactee: Kathy Kelley

Kathy is another great inspiration in my series about everyday people who have had “contact” with a greater Loving Intelligence that transformed their lives. For years Kathy led a dangerous and disconnected life in Los Angeles, California, and finally reached the bottom. After an 18-hour screaming match with God, the Devil, and a gun to her head with intent to end it all, she heard a voice respond, “I’m sorry…”  Welcome to excerpts of my recent conversation with Kathy Kelley who now resides in Ohio, USA. Everything is different now, but it took a lot of courage to look into the mirror and remember who she is, and the Love that she was connected to all along.


Music, “Under the Sun” by Eileen Meyer

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Contact Kathy Kelley via this blog.

6 thoughts on “Coming Out as a Contactee: Kathy Kelley

  1. I really resonate with this, Kathy. Thanks for sharing!

    In regards to manifesting, yes truly if we are doing it for the highest purpose that it serves for that moment and we are holding it all together with our best intentional will in a loving action, then I am finding my manifesting success exploding by leaps and bounds!

    I never could figure out why the ‘law of attraction’ wasn’t working (in the way I thought it should) until I discovered that the universal highest good has to be served before prime creator jumps into action! It’s been over a year of slowly integrating this, and seeing rapid expansive manifestation happening on a daily basis does bring on a whole new set of challenges, such as my intellectual mind rambling at Mach speed what with all the whole new set of possibilities that are happening!

    But it sure makes life fun and never boring!

    I do have a little “envy” for your 12 acres with a cabin, hence I was looking at small south Texas ‘shrub tree’ ranches that I could possibly afford the payment on!

    So thanks Kathy, for providing me with a whole new set of emotions to DEAL with!

    Much love is being sent to your heart!

    1. I almost passed up this opportunity for the cabin in the woods. It did not “look” the way I expected it to. I had to walk through some fear, give away my possessions and move 2400 miles away from all I knew. I had to trust that this was the response (as NIKE says….JUST DO IT) I had never met the people that offered me the opportunity.

      I am a live-in caregiver for an 80 year old angel with Alzheimer’s. All of my financial needs are included, but it is not without it’s challenges. It is a labor of love, and worth every bit of it. It is important to pay attention to the bazillions of ways your intention can manifest itself. Thank you for your very kind words. Sending your love energy right back to you Frank (also the name of the man I care for, and he is a retired “Master Carpenter”

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