The Beauty That You Are

I offer a teaching message from the Sound of Gold Files – about being aware of how we switch between sensory connectivity with the Natural World, and back to appearing “normal” in the world when we communicate with others. In other words, this is the shift between communion and communication; the real world back to the virtual; or from our absolute power back to the small masks that we agree to wear here. There is much in this audio file about how to retune to the natural state… and so much more. These transmissions (and the upcoming book) are all about helping humanity to remember and return to the totality of our consciousness once again – through resonance.

In the opening of this audio track, you will hear a few seconds of the pre-sounds of Source meeting the physical body. I am continually amazed by the negative and shocking reaction that people have around these sounds. Why? Because these sounds have been compartmentalized within the smaller bandwidth of consciousness and referred to as “sexual”. What I’ve learned from people is that it’s perfectly okay to make these sounds (and mostly encouraged) but only within the current and limiting definitions of bedroom sex. Somehow, it’s extremely uncomfortable for people to hear them outside of this context. Fascinating!

Trust me, when you open to making love with the Universe, you will make extraordinary primal sounds that you never thought possible through your body and mouth. What else would you expect from feeling the cosmic resonance or Song of Source tuning to your body and consciousness? The sexual current is your direct link to your Creator, and it has been distorted and completely misunderstood within fragmented consciousness. We have much to remember and directly experience as we open to all of our senses now. But truthfully, you will be unable to experience this “contact” until you “know thySELF” or “thy signature vibration”. And yep, you’ll have to feel and release… EVERYTHING that is untrue before you are able to feel and BE the TRUTH of who you are. In all of my years of facilitating this work with people, this appears to be the greatest fear, the greatest barrier to full remembrance.

Or, to my American friends, you could just have Trump as your next president and forget all about this shit. LOL

Shout it Out Loud, I Accept the Gift of Life Now!

As I was preparing to post this message excerpt from 2007, I thought of the Oasis song, “Shout it Out Loud”.  Seems that my “sources from beyond the box” are saying the same thing to all of us…

Audio Transcribed from 12/26/07

…Keeping up with maintenance of what you have already created as your “self”… the definition of who you are, the energy that goes to maintaining that image drains you now more than ever. You cannot do this any longer. You are all moving through this change at this time as the cycles change; the cycles of creation are changing.  You will all be experiencing symptoms of this and you will describe them sometimes similarly, and sometimes in a very different way. It is alright. You do not have to have matching descriptions of your symptoms. It is more important that you are speaking of your symptoms though, that you are saying them out loud and you are making it real. It is all about being real now. For when you being real, when you are speaking about what is actually happening, honestly, deeply, from the core, from the deepest core of yourself that you can find, then you are healing. You are transforming. You are accelerating your transformation. It will be much easier – these changes- if you are conscious, than if you choose to keep these parts of yourself, these parts that resonate in fear – if you wish to keep them hidden, then these times may… may… now we do not want to make absolute statements about individual experience… we are saying that it may be more painful, the more that you hide your fear. For you will feel the pressure… the pressure of Love on the other side… the pressure of the Light pushing through. It will tap at first to give you notice that it is cleansing. It is cleansing the Earth. It is cleansing you. It is all one…

…You are not small, and you cannot convince yourselves any longer that you are small. This is the change of cycles! Is that you are no longer supported in being small, for this timing, this cycle is over for you to explore your smallness. That is all! So stand up. Do not huddle in the corner anymore. Stand up! Stand tall! Be proud of All that you Are. You have been given these gifts. Many of you are not accepting the gifts. All that is required of you is to shout out loud, “I accept the gift of Life now. I want to live. I want to stand tall. I want to walk on Earth feeling my oneness of all and my balance and harmony with All That Is. And I want to discover what life is like in that state. For that is my natural state and I accept it.” It is very, very simple.

You are the ones who make it complicated – framed in your languages and your institutions that you once decided, and your ancestors decided was the safest way to be to be protected… protect you from the outside world that is dangerous. You have been told; you have been informed that the outside world, the natural world, all that is natural, all that is instinctual, you have been informed that that is dangerous and bad for you. And now you have the gift of choice. Do you choose to continue to believe that all that is natural and loving and graceful and beautiful is frightening? It is not frightening. What is frightening is that you choose to stay huddled there – cold and hungry, disconnected from all that you are. That is frightening. You can live this larger LIFE now. Simply stand up, stand tall, and shout it out loud!

Engage Your Natural State

grizzlyHi Friends. Just a few short months ago, life was f*cking hard. Life has been hard for a very long time. I’m glad I chose to stay. I’m glad that you did too. I have to say, I am shocked and enormously grateful at the level of support I am receiving to complete the book. I’m up to the chapter about the nature of these messages and how they arrive. Rarely are they for me personally. From the very beginning of these downloads in this form (~2005) they have been addressing you. Whether a message arrived 11 years ago or yesterday, it applies to now. They are timeless. In order to fully access and perceive the wholeness within the messages, we must have the feminine aspects of our operating system engaged. This Resonant Intelligence shares how to activate this. The days of us “feeling ones” being irrelevant and invisible are over. Your own access to the Feminine is present within you… the rest of yourSelf on Earth. Engaging this will balance out the masculine and feminine and reengage your whole or natural state. This is when the world as you have known it will end. Period. Your fragmented perceptions will be healed and you will be wildly you. If you’re interested in being on my mailing list, click here. Thank you everyone. 

Feb 22, 2013 – Humanity, trust that you are one with Source as your foundation to live, to be, to create. It will take some time and patience for the unfolding. Understand some have been sleeping more deeply than others. Do have compassion, understanding, and patience in this process of awakening from a slumber, from a conditioning.

We do encourage all of you at this time to observe your responses and reactions to the variety of awakening symptoms. Some reactions are seemingly not healthy, but understand in the larger context of what is occurring here, it is all understood with compassion. Your individual focus, it is encouraged, is to be attentive to your own responses, your own reactions, your own feelings. This is why we have stressed the work with your feelings so that you may more quickly and readily identify frequencies of fear and frequencies of love, and choose accordingly. Stay with love. It seems simple. It seems like a, “…but of course I would choose love.” Permit me to say, that you may not always choose love  – even in these times, with all of the practice, all of the studies, all of the workshops… we have altogether arrived at a time when all that you have understood, both intellectually and in heart, will be applied.

You will be given many, many, many opportunities to apply what you have understood to be true. Some of you will be changing your understandings after actual application. While there may be teachings and advice from your past that you resonate with, and that you feel that you have benefitted from, you may find in actual practice that it was primarily wisdom that resided in a conceptual form – an intellectual process and conclusion. You will find that when called upon to apply wisdom, things change and you will adjust accordingly. We have emphasized the importance of recognizing when you are in fear so that you may correct it as quickly as possible and continue resonating in love, for this is vital in these times. It is not too late, if you will, to continue your exercise in knowing what you feel so that you may feel what you know. We will not list the process at this timing for there is material available – a daily practice if you will – to stay rooted in Love.

You will find in the coming days that this is of vital importance. You will all be navigating a landscape now where half of your world and environment and structures – both physically and mentally, will be crumbling, vanishing, falling. At the same time, you are intending to build on a new foundation of Oneness and Love. You must be resonating in this love, in actual terms, not just in your mind. Thinking it does not, in this case, make it so. Feeling it, resonating with it and building from this platform will create a more effortless unfolding. Trust this. It is true. And many of you know this, and you are already embodying and walking on the planet, resonating with this frequency. You understand what is being spoken here. You are the beings who do not get triggered, respond with fear, when another individual is confronting or attacking or processing through their own fear in their own way, for it is understood it is not about you. In fact, you are holding the space for their unraveling so that they may loosen the bond of fear and meet you in this resonant frequency. Of course the more of you that are embodying and practicing these resonant frequencies of love, the easier it will be for all of you.

You are now responsible for all that you experience, all that you speak, all of your actions… it will return to the individual consciousness more rapidly now. The mirror will be almost immediate. It is there to offer either an opportunity for immediate correction with your consciousness, or it is there to say, “Congratulations you are in love, sharing love, perpetuating love, being love, and it will only grow from this point on.” So take responsibility on this level and for your own lives on earth, how you will deconstruct, let go rapidly. In these times it is rapid, you do not have the time and space any longer to hang on – due to the frequencies that your collective consciousness is transforming and maintaining now – this level of love. You will not be able to hang onto ideas and ways of being that are founded in fear. This will move more rapidly with each passing day. Do not be afraid. All is well. All is in perfection now.

This is, we will call it out for what it is, this is an enormous celebration throughout many dimensions. Feel that. Accept that. Play your part confidently, proudly, lovingly. Some are more aware of how they might serve, more aware than others at this point, but this will be rapidly changing. You may find, and some of you may smile at this, due to your past experience… a seeming unbelievability, but you may find that even the most stubborn of those individuals that you have encountered, the most stubborn, the most fearful, will emerge within a day or two or a week, will emerge as some of the strongest leaders founded in love. Allow this to be a possibility. Be careful about your condemning of those who you have judged as less than, less intelligent, less aware, understand that they may step into some of the powerful leading positions in your new construct – in your new way of being. Understand that this is possible.  Be very mindful, very aware of how you judge in this timing. Each individual that you are speaking to, whether they are resonating with you or not in that moment, each individual deserves respect and love. Be calm. Be clear. Speak from this resonant frequency. Strengthen this frequency so that it is more first nature, first hand, without thought. It will grow stronger.

We do make ourselves available to remind those who request it, some of these practices for finding that resonant frequency. And there is no doubt by the way, once it is found, your body will explode with it in joy. It will recognize…. all of the cells of your being will recognize this frequency. Your body is one of the greatest tools now to help you in relocating this frequency when you have temporarily set it aside. Frequency is the key. Feeling and vibrating with these frequencies of power, truth, love, peace, will make all the difference in your changing world. This is where your power lies. Understand this clearly. It is vitally important that you surrender your first choice of working solely with the intellect in your focus, and the rebuilding of your world. It is not that intellect does not play a part. There is no judgement of intellect. But understand that the first platform of being and creating is the platform of love, the heart. The intellect serves the heart. This is the foundational lie that was given to you – that it was the opposite. It is not that. Understand your natural state is operating in Love – applying, building, creating, using your intellect from that stable ground, that firm ground of Truth.

We are pleased to be of service. And we encourage the feeling-knowing exercises daily. Good day.

Feeling, and Flying Again


This is a recent translation (excerpt) from a resonant state that will be worked into the book… that I am 100% dedicated to now. Things are progressing nicely. If you are interested in being on my mailing list to receive updates on the book, speaking & musical events, or just send me a note, etc., please visit

July 10, 2016

…Understand that there has been a great deal of programming within the smaller bandwidth, which is in and of itself an inhibitor to feeling. It is through your feeling nature that you will rediscover who you are and your capacities, as well as remember all of your friends and family in other points of reference throughout the multiverse. So understand that while many, many, many humans are fascinated and very interested in other beings from other planets and how they move about in spaceships – this is all distorted as well, from where you are, from your view.

So while you are on the right track that there is more, be very careful about clothing that “more” into something that feels comfortable within the smaller definitions – comfortable to your container. It may feel more uncomfortable to you to imagine that you are more and that you can resonate beyond where you are, and that you can have contact that is far beyond what you are even be able to imagine from where you are sitting in your perceived cell block. So the reason why, the big question that has been asked repeatedly from the skeptics, as you refer to them, is why don’t they just land on the White House Lawn? Or why don’t they just land and say “hello?” It is because you must grow up and out of your container. You must choose your freedom. You must choose your wholeness. You must feel it first. And in feeling what you are connected to “beyond,” as you say, you must feel everything that you have pushed underground. Everything that did not fit… all the feelings that did not fit within the bandwidth were pushed under and you thought you had done a good job – being a good citizen to push feeling out of your reality… for the perception was that feelings were not the pathway to success within the bandwidth!

Well you must choose now if you want to be successful within the bandwidth, or if you want to return to total fulfillment and wholeness and beauty and grace and power – just simply vibrating as your natural state. And play with that! So this is why things appear quite ugly in your reality right now. It is because you are unable… due to the many humans who are welcoming their natural state now, you – the ones who are trying to continue to suppress and contain and keep this smaller-bandwidth reality going – you are not able to now. For the decision has been made that the collective will remember, and you are in process now. So yes, you will see the ugly, but know that it is temporary and you are rapidly accelerating into your fullness, to your balance between masculine and feminine. No more will there be the polarities to control you within this smaller spectrum. Take it at your own pace as to whether you choose to FEEL yourself again, and feel your connection to your Source and all who are residing within this Field of Love, but know that your fellow humans are accelerating too, and they will bring you along even if you resist… those who think that you have a good thing going here, so to speak.

It is all benevolent. We understand that it is frightening to many of you for it is different, it is unknown. You have always been taught that the unknown is bad and scary. It is not. It is quite the opposite. You will find that you have been living in the land of opposites with an emphasis on the dark and the small so as to perpetuate a certain level of fear for the purpose of control. This is over. We do not even wish to spend any more energy in speaking of it, for it is over! We will refer to ourselves as the Gold Light Intelligence, for we are consciousness. We are group consciousness with an intention to assist you in remembering and re-choosing your reality once you are feeling and flying again. We are with you every step of the way. We love you dearly, and as we have stated many times, we are you – the parts of you that you have projected into angels and guides. We are that and we are so much more. We are all of you, and you are parts of us projected into this 3D reality.

There is much to be overjoyed about at this time for you are fast on your way to wholeness, and we are grateful to be along for the ride. ~ Sound of Gold Files

Feminine Wisdom… Actually

The toughest thing about my life hasn’t been the contact or visits from non-human intelligence, ultra-dimensional beings, or what have you, it has been trying to integrate and share the resulting Feminine Wisdom. While I know that we are all wired for it, for the most part this way of perceiving and being is not active within most human beings – male or female. We have been completely conditioned into a patriarchal world and a masculinized way of perceiving and communicating. We seem to have lost something very crucial to our existence on Earth, which keeps us searching everywhere outside for this so-called Holy Grail. Ironically, it has been HERE all along.

What I have observed in this smaller context we collectively refer to as LIFE, is that everything is projected outside while the inner knowing, instinct, and communion with the cosmos, or Source, lies dormant… waiting for a life and death traumatic event to crack the heart open and perhaps allow other senses to be exercised. We don’t have to wait until we are on the brink of death, or similarly, be “visited” by high or expanded frequency intelligence in our bedrooms at night in order to wake up. But for a lot of us, it may be the case. Believe me, we are all a collective “tough nut to crack”… set in our ways and looping in our patterns that were carefully programmed and then administered by institutions, parents, relatives, teachers and friends. They handed it to us on the only platter they knew – fall in line, earn your keep, be a slave but remain patriotic to ideas of freedom instead of actual freedom. Be a lover but remain attached to a way of making love or sex that will never come close to the actual intimacy and ecstasy that is possible in your human form. I could go on… and I will. I’m writing my book about my lifetime of contact and the teachings that came through the frequencies that are far more expansive than what we have been contained within. Here is the first thing I learned – or remembered via this contact – we no longer have to perpetuate this small reality.

Most don’t know what actual freedom is. Most don’t know what “actual” is. We’ve been living in a thinking world full of concepts and ideas. Feminine or Spiritual Wisdom is rooted in feelings. Our connection to the Earth and our Source/God/Creator is rooted in our heart and the inner-frequency network of the heart. It isn’t that thinking or logic is “bad,” it simply needs to be balanced with the Feminine – the heart. And just to be clear, our confused emotions are like signs or flags on the surface that reveal the discord between the purity of feeling within, and the masks we wear in order to remain consistent with our outer-world programming.

When I say feelings, I am referring to something that I was shown, and taught to actualize by an intelligence that came to me masked as a variety of ET-type scenarios. However, in the end, by connecting to the honesty and innocence of feelings in the meditative way that I was shown, I unlocked the door to far more of my own Universal Intelligence… and it’s definitely not what you think. The infinite data that pours into your consciousness after realizing that you’ve been contained in a very tiny bandwidth of awareness, will literally blow your mind. You may feel unbalanced and unsure for a time, but thankfully there are growing numbers of re-balanced masculine-feminine humans that can provide context, community and support. For the time being though, understand that you may continue to feel and actually be invisible to others around you. This stage will pass. Stay strong. Keep walking that razor’s edge until more become integrated and actualized on Earth. This is when you will witness your outer world resonating or matching to the tune of your inner-balanced existence. This is when peace and harmony prevail. I’m sure you can easily guess what your outer world has been tuning into and what frequency it has been matching up to this point. No problem! Change it. You are the point of power. Be willing to be actually present with your Creator instead of buying into one-sided versions, stories, symbols and characters.

Go direct. Be original. Be creative. BE the larger YOU… It is how we will lift ourselves out of this discordant song that we’ve all been singing, like programmed robots, for centuries. It’s time to wake up, tune into, and sing our actual God-Song. Trust me, it is so beautiful, you will initially fall to your knees and weep with joy… Trust me, there is so much beauty coming your way… I encourage you to stay HERE, LISTEN, and actually experience it broadcasting through you.

Comic Pres Momnt

Quantum Contactee – Book Excerpts

In this blog series, I share a new excerpt from my writing every few weeks. The book title is undecided at this point, but it’s very clear that I’m going to share all. My hope is that others will be inspired to step forward and share their own experiences that will never fit into our highly-conditioned world… aka, “the box”. I will probably continue to receive judgement and abandonment from family and friends, but I know that a new or re-newed family and community will emerge as I step into the courage to tell my truth.
In Gratitude  ~ Eileen

Little Girl In Dress Sitting On The Sand


They were just as normal to me as my bucket, my shovel, and my sand-filled shorts. We would converse for hours in the sandbox on the north side of the house, about things I couldn’t have known or spoken of as a child. Sometimes I recall talking out loud, but mostly I just “knew” what they were sharing with me via the feelings, pictures and movies that played in my mind’s eye. Everything was fine and dandy until I told my Mom how much I loved the tall blue and gold light people – my “angel family” – that visited me in the sandbox; in my bedroom at night, and down by the creek where I’d remember that I was actually a native (natural) human being. I had several beautiful horses that followed me everywhere – even to the grocery store; when I walked to school, and definitely on family vacations. It took a long time to adjust to living in the world… Actually I’m not sure I have ever fully achieved that. The little blonde tomboy and her vivid imagination was tolerated for a while, but soon enough I was being asked by my parents and schoolmates to “stop with the crazy stories.”  So I did… but only after the angel beings did their best to explain that my imagination, and my ability to hear and see them would be leaving me for a while. I cried for many nights, until I simply got tired of being sad – yet still trusting that one day I would reconnect with them again. So as my body got bigger, the wisdom and creativity of my Spirit got much, much smaller. Thankfully, in my teen years they did return again, although it was a bittersweet reunion. With the “visits” I felt great joy and enormous pain all at once. How would I explain the expansion and ecstasy I felt to others? …The visits, the wisdom, the journeys into new and greater landscapes of consciousness? It is the conundrum of a lifetime… and it will soon be the conundrum for all of humanity. I know it’s coming… this evolutionary leap. I feel it in my blood and bones… and I saw it in a movie… shown to me many times… in the center of my mind’s eye.
This book is my best attempt to tell my story, but more importantly, to translate a Field of Understanding… a feeling-knowing communion with light and frequency… into tiny little words.”
© 2016 – Eileen Meyer

My Day on the Set – from Cosmic Epiphanies to Breaking Bad

Note: This was posted on another blog March 27th, 2016. I’m catching up here on ATG with a few of my more relevant sharings over the past several months. I am told that this Travel Channel episode airs “in the Fall”. We’ll see then if my interview is a part of it. I have no expectations. Just the sheer joy of getting to experience this was enough for me! 
Yesterday I traveled to a very remote area on the Tohajiilee Indian Reservation, formerly known as the Cañoncito Band of Navajos, to be a guest on the Travel Channel’s Television Series called, “Mysteries in our National Parks”. This particular episode is about Chaco Canyon. They found and contacted me because of the writing I have shared online about my mystical epiphanies and experiences there.
The small film crew was from Montreal, Canada. I can’t say enough good things about these three gents. Everything they say about Canadian politeness and kindness is true and actual for me now. Also, Ann (local ABQ Production “Fixer” and professional blotter of running-mascara) and Dee and Tom from the Navajo Tribe were all wonderful in their care and presence. Also a bow of appreciation to the Montreal Staff – Meredith, the Story Editor (who found me), and Gloria, the Production Manager.
It was Eric, the Director, that interviewed me (left). He was very attentive and sensitive to the nature of altered-state experiences, and my revelations in Chaco on “time travel,” for which I am very grateful. Later we spoke more in-depth about the evolution of human consciousness, and I was able to elaborate on something that has been made very clear to me on my journey. Once the human being is released from the the programming of the “narrow-mindedness” and belief that the left-brained grid here is “all there is”, they are far more open and able to access the fullness of their perceptive abilities – instinct, intuition, and the feeling-knowing orientation – something that comes in very handy when you find yourself in highly-charged, natural-world portals or access points to “MORE” such as Chaco Canyon. In other words, what was once judged in a knee-jerk fashion as “absolutely ridiculous” and “airy-fairy” simply becomes grokked or more easily recognized because one is resonating, or more energetically/ vibrationally connected to the “bigger picture” of Universal Consciousness.
It does take presence and discipline to continue to adapt to and integrate the Universal. I don’t know very many people who are willing to show up for this on a regular basis – apparently satisfied with what they have adapted to in the more limited view… blissfully ignorant as they say, or simply “borrowing” someone else’s interpretation of reality. I used to beg this Cosmic Intelligence to shut it all down and make me blissfully ignorant too. I guess that wasn’t in the cards for me. It is definitely very painful to feel like you don’t belong here, or have a constant feeling that there has been some sort of mistake.
For some reason, some of us have been prodded (I used to say “forced) to continue to expand in consciousness throughout our lives – seemingly having no resting place from the routine of being an inter-dimensional gypsy. I have no explanation for the mind as to why this is. It just is. What was once a curse to me is slowly, over time, becoming an enormous blessing. I express my gratitude for this on a daily basis – even though it can be extraordinarily lonely too. When one doesn’t have much in the way of relational mirroring with fellow humans around the nature of the expansive, spiritual evolution of consciousness – like being pushed into the abyss of the Great Unknown, one must simply trust the Love of the Creator and have the patience and knowing that this rooted sense of community or belonging will come… one day.
Meanwhile, I wanted to say that I am proud of myself for coming out of my shell (or cave) and trusting this network and crew to develop the story in a respectful, honoring way – even though I’m very clear that my portion of this episode (if at all) may only boil down to a minute… maybe two. I have learned in my empathic way that it is vital that we welcome and appreciate anyone who has been given the difficult “job” of being a pioneer in consciousness. Humanity needs to know now, more than ever, about the new and more vast landscapes that lie ahead – not just relegated to the ones society has labeled as strange, fringe, or different, but the opportunities for expansion and a return to wholeness has now arrived for every willing individual on this gorgeous Plant Earth.
On a completely different end of the spectrum, we wrapped up the afternoon with a short tour of the TV Series, Breaking Bad, desert location nearby (photos below). Tom Willeto – Location Manager – was one who worked with the Breaking Bad series and that’s him pointing to where the dead bodies (and cash) were buried. LOL. I only saw parts of the first and the last episode, so I can’t really identify what this means, but many of you probably will. I took these shots while bouncing on a rough desert road, so these 3 pics were the only ones that came out well enough to share.
I loved every minute of my day yesterday. What a lovely gift. Thank you to everyone who has been so encouraging and supportive of my participation in this adventure.
Love and Blessings, Eileen
“Breaking Bad” Desert Site