A Real and Present Opportunity

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wuqubtzifireHere’s what’s slated for the back cover of the book:

A lifetime of contact with light beings, and intense bio-energetic episodes spawned a revolution of consciousness within. It all comes together now, at the galactic-cycle end of the Mayan Calendar. The Aztec and Maya foretold that this was the timing for the Return of Quetzalcoatl or Kukulkan – the Plumed Serpent. Is it a mythical being, or ETs that will come from space? This story points to something far closer than we think – a very real and present opportunity within. Are you ready? The clear message to humanity is, you may be next…

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You Are the Authority

A beautiful video for inspiration – Today I Rise


Excerpts from Koyopa Translation, Oct. 16, 2010  

From the ancient Maya Classical K’iche Language – Their word for the Kundalini that opens doors:  koyopa (n) lightning [Momos]; inner soul (receives supernatural messages)

You are the authority of your experience, wherever that might be… wherever you find yourself… whomever you are with… you are the authority of your own life… your own creations… your own experience.

And you find yourself here, on Planet Earth, in a variety of different cultures and beliefs and nationalities. You have all deferred. You have all projected authority onto a president, onto your religious leaders… it seems onto anyone but yourself.

Why is this? From our view, it is because you do not know yourself. If you knew your SELF (we are capitalizing this… this word self)… If you knew who you really were/are, you would instantaneously know that it is YOU who has the power to author your own life… to author IT. To be the authority in your own life. So why does this not begin? First the realization and the acceptance of this must be present.

So what we are finding in the awakening on Planet Earth… with awareness that one is the authority of their own life, is that you have for the most part isolated yourselves. There is not a sense of camaraderie, of community. There is not a sense of validation for what you have awakened into. Therefore, there is a bit of the old patterns coming from the past, coming from the past collective agreements that are overlaid onto this recently birthed awareness… a belief that you are limited… a belief that it is going to be difficult…. a belief that you are alone.

For what is the alternative to hanging onto these outdated beliefs? There is a consciousness that has died to the past and awakened into More, shall we say. This consciousness will not participate in the way that had been done in the past, for there is a very powerful shift, transformation, that has occurred in the body, in the heart, in the soul, and therefore, the mind. It cannot go back. It is impossible to go back and agree once again to what has always existed or what has been known from thinking… from knowledge of the past.

If there is a consciousness that realizes there is no going back, realizes that the author of the life does not reside in the past, then because the future has always been based on the projections of the past, there is no future that exists… one that is available to the consciousness to project upon. So with no past and with no future, where are you? It seems that you reside in the in-between. Although, not a physical place, it is mostly a place in consciousness that has been carved out as a temporary point of reference.  So there is a temporary sense of satisfaction for these human beings to say, “Well, I guess I am living in the in-between. Yes, that fits how it feels.”  There is no community in the in-between. There are very few friendships. There is a sense of withdrawal. Many of you seem to be hermits, perhaps even homeless and aware that you are in this in-between place.

How to proceed? You are awake. You cannot go backwards. Because you cannot go backwards there is no forwards. There is no definition of what is forward any longer. It seems bleak, we know. And it is not. It is the womb. It is your gestation.

What is next? What is next for human consciousness? You have been individualized. You have been fragmented. You have existed for centuries in this limited state. This is what is coming to an end now. This is the end of your cycle. IT is a shift in consciousness. It is a transformation… a return. Turning once again to Source, and living from the foundation of the Source Frequency. And you have no idea what this looks like. For it has not been created. You are creators – individualized right now in this in-between place, and not communicating with each other because you are unaware that others like you exist. There is fear. Many of you feel and experience what it is like to be a ghost. You may walk through the collective that agrees to the past way of being – to thoughts, to knowledge, to everything that has come before. You may walk everyday in this, and yet, you do not reside there…

wuqubtzifireEileen initiated into the Mayan Fire Path in 2002. She is currently writing a book about her lifetime of contact with Nonhuman Intelligence and concurrent Bio-Energetic Events. This consciousness has provided practical guidance on how to move through these larger-cycle shifts. She has documented this contact, as well as the effects on her human consciousness, for over 30 years. She expects the book to publish in early 2017. This blog will eventually phase out as we have already moved to a website-based newsletter. You are welcome to sign up for upcoming free newsletters here. Blessings!

The Artists Need to Know – A Poem

I keep thinking about the sensitive souls right now – the empaths, the artists, the visionaries. My heart hurts. My skin hurts. So I wrote honestly from this place today. I stand with my artist community now. We’ll get through this. Don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t find your way back to a before-place. We’ve all been derailed… take all the time you need to adjust to the changes. Then, when you are ready and if you choose, do that beautiful thing you do.


We’ve gotten to the point
Where the collective heart will choose
To crack fully open or die
The artists need to know…
We take our cue
From what you decide

They called us the dreamers
Yet we were in service to you
To sing
To dance
To paint you awake
From all that was misconstrued

We built a bridge with
Flesh and blood
And sinewy truth
But instead you believed the lies
And willingly pulled
The blackening wool
Over dark and angry eyes

Oh the heart will be broken wide
It’s been told throughout all time
So the artist needs to know…
We take our cue
From what you decide

One path is simply a sting
To open the way – the light
The other is a gnashing
A continued rehashing of
All other times…
When Angels
Adored you enough to densify
And remind

The artist cried your tears
And screamed your fears
For centuries
While you pretended
To be disconnected
From all that is real
But the Earth
And every angel knows
How far they will feel
How far they will go
To love

Disembodied hearts
And disembodied souls

by Eileen Meyer – 11/12/16

The Highway Messenger

bighornI was traveling alone on a Colorado mountain highway on November 5th. I had been in the process of speaking on my cellphone but the call dropped suddenly. It was at this precise timing that I found myself stopped in the middle of a narrow, 7K-foot elevation, curvy highway. My eyes were locked tightly in the gaze of a large, beautiful Ram – a Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. We were alone with each other. He had his backside to me with his head curved all the way back… staring at me. I lost time. I lost all sense of reality.

The next time I became aware, he was unlocking his gaze on me and moved very slowly off the highway into a sheer upward (close to 180-degree cliff). My mind was confused as it felt like I’d been stopped on the highway for about 20 seconds, and it also felt like infinite, no-time, of which I am quite familiar. These experiences have a signature vibe, and I’ve come to know it well after my lifetime of contact experience with beyond-3D intelligence. Sometimes they initiate contact in the form of animals – for me, it was eyes locking with white owls, birds of prey, cats, and wolves. This form was new.

I became alert enough to realize that I was stopped on a highway in a blind-curve situation, so even in my disoriented state, I forced myself to move my car ahead on the highway. At this point, I knew quite clearly that I must abandon my original inspiration to “get away for the day,” and that I should return home as soon as possible. Talk about a 180! Just hours earlier, I had been guided to stop working on my computer, and get in my car and drive.

It was a few yards up the road that I found a turn out. I was mostly fixed on my rearview mirror – trying to locate him and see where he might have headed. The last image I had in my mind was this gorgeous being – only a few yards ahead of my car – placing his front hooves on the solid, straight-up cliff. Now I know these guys are made for this sort of climbing, but really? How do they go straight up a large cliff and disappear within seconds?

After turning my car around, I crept along at about 5 mph. No one else was on the road, and the Ram was still nowhere in sight. I even stopped for a moment and scanned the entire cliff. It was at least 75 feet tall – maybe more. I made it back home in about an hour, still feeling disoriented and confused, but with a clear sense that something more had happened… something beyond appearances.

On Sunday morning, the 6th of November, I did my usual meditative “connecting” time. I show up in the ways that I have been taught – by my familial, beyond the dream visitors. Within a short amount of time, I found myself filled with a dichotomous mix of local-consciousness grief, and a sort of cosmic, joyful anticipation. It was epic. When our reality accelerates, so do our feelings and our ways of processing information.

Here’s my translation of The Field that informed me on this morning (11/6): Everything is going to change again. It may feel very disorienting and disruptive, but it is very important that with your 3D view you do not attempt to make sense of it, or act unduly from this state of confusion. These changes will continue to INITIATE from other dimensions and within the larger cycles. The effects that you see in the smaller spectrum reality are not to be taken as a solid place to formulate answers and explanations – for the purpose of subduing the confused, 3D mind. IT WILL MAKE SENSE IN YOUR MORE WHOLISTIC VIEW – AT A FUTURE POINT. DO NOT ATTACH TO APPEARANCES OR FORM STORIES IN 3D TO EXPLAIN WHAT CANNOT BE EXPLAINED TO THE LIMITED SPECTRUM MIND. CHOOSE LOVE. BREATHE. AND TAKE ACTION IN THE DIRECTION OF YOUR HEART. BUILD. CREATE FROM PURE INSPIRATION. SPEAK FROM YOUR LARGER SELF. SHARE MORE OF YOUR HEARTS. THE TIME IN WHICH IT TAKES TO MANIFEST IN YOUR LIVES – HARMONICALLY OR NEGATIVELY – WILL BE GREATLY SHORTENED. YOU ARE BEING GRADUALLY ADAPTED TO YOUR ORIGINAL POWER AND GRACE. ALIGN AND REMEMBER THE ENERGETICS OF YOUR SELF. STAY AS AWARE AS POSSIBLE. ALL-WAYS CHOOSE LOVE… AND CHOOSE WHAT MAKES YOUR HEART SING.

It is my understanding that we leapt into an entirely different reality. Since the election, I haven’t been able to shake the feeling of “coup” – but it’s not in the usual, 3D-oriented view. We do not need to bog our minds down with thoughts and details to explain this in 3D terms. How we adapt to these expanded frequencies now, and how we choose to demonstrate and be in our everyday lives – truthful and integral – or not, will dictate how we move forward for the next phase. And I do have a definite sense of phases. Something of this nature occurred last May as well. I was shown that these events were connected, and I could surely feel the similar energetics. The important thing is, whether your mind understands or relates to this or not, there is nothing to fear in these times. This is our evolution. This is our awakening. If you don’t like what you see “out there,” you can shift it, by activating your heart, and actualizing your Greater Self on Earth. It’s time.

I hope this is helpful. Throughout my 3D life I’ve been mostly invisible and talking to the wind, which is perfectly fine. I KNOW what’s real. I’m aligning with that. Won’t you join me?

Eileen is currently writing a book about her lifetime of contact with inter-dimensional consciousness that has provided practical guidance on how to move through these larger-cycle shifts. She has documented this contact, as well as the effects on her human consciousness, for over 30 years. She expects the book to publish in early 2017. This blog will phase out in the next several weeks, as we move to a website-based newsletter. You are welcome to sign up for upcoming free newsletters here. Blessings!

An Examined Life…Worth Living?

She’s nuts. She’s weird. She’s embarrassing. She’s telling the Truth…

30 years of record keeping. A lifetime of confusion and loneliness – from living in a reality based on fundamental lies. It’s time to snap out of this mass hypnosis. Subscribe to my free newsletter here. I’ll keep you in the loop on the book and more. Early 2017 release.

Face your fears. Open your heart. And wake up… please.

I’m With Her – the Earth

Each morning I dressed in their clothes

And I painted my face

With the colors they claimed


Were a perfect match to yours…

And they were not of course.

Today when they ask who I am what I do,

I say I’m with HER –

The Mother, the Earth…

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HER Nature,


HER Truth.


HER drum awakens inside,

The ONE that syncs with mine…

And now we RISE.

© 2013 – Eileen Meyer. Excerpt from lyrics, “I’m with Her”

Window Surfing

et-windowAnother excerpt from my book. This event occurred in 1991. Once the book is published, I’ll be switching over from blogging to an email-newsletter format. If you’re interested in my work, please subscribe (for free) on my website. Thank you.

…This massive current of love differentiated into a light being, or two. At this point, they felt tender and caring, slowly and gently lifting me off of the floor. I’m aware that I’m moving now. Rather, I’m floating… with increasing speed toward my bedroom window. A thought rings out, like my voice did earlier from across the room, “Shouldn’t we open the window?” Before I knew it, the noise in my head was growing louder and louder. And then I’m aware that I’m passing directly through the glass. I felt myself as a collection of extremely relaxed molecules, like stars with an infinity of dark matter in between. It’s like I knew how to work with the atomic level like this – to move through solid objects. Once I passed all the way through the window and recollected myself, I was aware that I was actually hovering about 20 feet above my car in the condo parking lot. But not for long…