Intelligent Frequency


“The lifetime schedule with this Loving Intelligence was intense. The Love seemed to arrive in planned gradations of pure energy. Sometimes it arrived in the forms of tall light beings, mantids, or gray-hybrids, but mostly it was a form of intelligent frequency – that spoke to me, somehow, inside my body. All of these forms would interact with me for healings, teachings, and telepathic discussions, but it mostly revolved around assisting me – on all levels – to acclimate to more. Once a certain plateau was achieved, they wanted to remind me how to connect and commune with them, and to practice accessing more of my consciousness. It came through ET visits as well as repeated Kundalini-type episodes. Sometimes my Visitors would set off the bio-energetic episodes, and other times it would occur through an inner coaching that felt impossible to translate into words. I would try to explain it to others – how the data arrived, and what it was about – but mostly I just sounded like a blithering idiot. It was best to keep it inside – literally – inside my cells, until there was a clear way to pour, and serve it up into words. The constant throughout these interactions would be such a high pitch of vibrational energy, that I would have to cry out, “Stop! …this… is… too much!”  And they would. Until the next time, that is…”

This is an excerpt from the book that I am currently writing – describing what it’s like to try to be normal within the given program, when you’re shown – repeatedly – in your body, that we are connected to so much more. Our left-brained, patriarchal conditioning prevents us from feeling and “hearing” it.  We have to grow and activate the rest of our consciousness in order to understand and engage with this universal language and conversation. If you’d like to receive updates on when the book will be available and more, please visit my website and subscribe (free).  Thank you!

Red Pills and Rabbit Holes

Apparently I swallowed the red pill long ago.

Below is another excerpt from my ongoing book about contact and the evolution of human consciousness. I hope to be complete with the book this month… Then onward to the editor and submission to agents and publishers.  Please visit my website to subscribe (for free) to any and all future updates. ~ Eileen



I didn’t have the luxury of settling into any worldview that had been offered to me from 3D. The same themes from the past were repeating. Oh the envy I felt watching others have enjoyable and successful lives within the bandwidth. I felt like I had been selected and plucked from the agreed-upon reality here in order to adapt to frequencies that could not help but destroy any deference I might have had to the existing game. Was that part of the plan? Perhaps. Although there were times that I screamed and begged to be free from the awareness of more. Not unlike the famous scene with Morpheus in the film, The Matrix, I begged for the blue-pill, but it never came. Why? Apparently I swallowed the red pill long ago.

“This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill — the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill — you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”
~ Morpheus, The Matrix Movie

My rabbit-hole versions of the red pill delivered massive “data dumps,” trips through walls and windows to important roundtable meetings, and a kind of geometry-mathematics schooling in space. More times than I can count, I would awaken, unable to move, with my highly magnetized body on surprisingly, the warmest and coziest of surgical tables. Over time I understood and surrendered to the importance of their work – a busy entourage of out-of-focus, odd-looking physicians, that not only delivered a tiny hybridized being from my womb, but seemingly performed numerous upgrades on all levels of my hardware and software. All of it seemed to streamline my senses over time, as well as helped to restore a more wholistic, state of consciousness. With this came more expanded abilities – some I have been exercising. And yet some, I am aware, still remain dormant.

Say Yes

cagedwoman“There are many ways to say ‘yes’ to Source. Your greatest prison as we see it, is inside the walls of words and phrases and ideas. What happens when a prison’s walls dissolve? What happens to all of those so-called sinners resting within the cells, behind the bars of that institution? What happens when one who has been imprisoned is given sudden freedom? Well some will not see that the walls have dissolved and they may create the bars and the walls in their mind and stay. For they simply cannot believe that they are free. Well this is where you all are right now. Your walls have dissolved and you do not know it. Some of you are still waiting and praying for those walls to dissolve. Understand that you have designed your own walls and bars now to help you feel safe within what you know. And know that as we speak to you now, from our view you are huddled together in your groupings where you feel comfortable, where you feel community, where your ideas and concepts are reinforced. You are believing that you are trapped and you are praying to some outside god to come and release you, to save you. You are already free. Get up and stretch. Walk outside of your prison walls. Walk through the bars. Go and touch a tree. Talk to an insect. Greet the rest of the natural world, the balanced world. Work with the beings in the natural world to redefine yourselves as a whole being. They will assist you.”  ~ Gold Light Intelligence, 12/26/07

Descend on Me

Another excerpt from my book – describing my “mid 90’s rock and roll girl with incessant ET contact” phase.

“…Concurrently, I was keeping up with a part-time musical career and by the early to mid-90’s I was evolving into full-time collaboration and performance with original music bands. All the while the distance between everyday consciousness and hyperaware states of union was causing a great divide again within my consciousness. I was perpetually torn between using all of my energy to fit into the status quo, or loving and honoring my knowing-seeing-perceiving self that lay beyond the bandwidth of consciousness that everyone else seemed so content to remain within. If one has no contrasting reality in which to compare, I suppose it would be easy to do. Many times in my life, I begged for that low-contrast norm too, but it never came.

In the mid-90’s I brought the two worlds together in an original song that I wrote called, “Descend on Me” – a musical expose on one of my life’s most profound contact experiences that occurred in May 1991. To my surprise, the band (Modern Peasants) welcomed and collaborated on the song and it was included on our first and only CD.”

I remarried around this time – to my best friend. It didn’t last as long as I’d hoped though. In response to my dire need to be normal inside and out, I married a lovely man whose picture was in the dictionary next to the word “normal”. We bought the house with the picket fence and pink rose bushes, but my mission to normalize failed when the visits came back tenfold. Trust me, these were activities that were not conducive to traditional marriages. As you might guess, our pink roses and picket fences were eventually obliterated and we divorced 5 years later.

In and around 1997, I was completely unable to continue with the band or the day job. I had reached a breakdown of sorts. I knew that I could no longer endure the split between my outer acceptable identities and the profound and accelerated growth that had been occurring with my visitors and related ecstatic-mystical happenings. I suppose some would call this severe depression these days, but I call it a life or death stand-off with my soul…”

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Ah, the Sweetness

IMG_3151The Gold Sound Beings appeared and felt this way to me as a small child – tall and wispy with a gold-white blend, and sometimes bluish glow. Other times in my life they appeared with the same hues, but more clearly in the form of a mantis. I found that they were almost too beautiful to view with my eyes. Thankfully, seeing them with my eyes was not as important as feeling and hearing them…

The photo shows a visitor outside, hanging on the bottom of my window – just 4 feet away from me as I typed the above paragraph moments ago. (Thank you Eduardo for letting me know that she was there!)

Another excerpt from today’s work:

Writing my story is a little like translating a limitless Field of Musical tones… a feeling-knowing communion with Source light and frequency… into a tiny song with tiny little lyrics. It is why I am motivated to invite you into the symphony, rather than utilizing energy to translate into the smaller spectrum – the place where we temporarily forgot the tune and tones of our Creator. Of course we have always had glimpses of this beauty in our everyday lives, but recognize that the sweetness that is ours cannot be fully ‘heard’ under the din of our addiction, or agreement to stay small. We must choose to listen, match the resonance, and rise.   ~ Eileen Meyer

Tune into the Evolution

This message (excerpt) came over 11 years ago. Most of these were filed away due to lack of outer-world context. I was afraid to be different back then, so they remained digital files on hard drives for many years. Even today I find that people are far more interested in hearing about spaceships than about the evolution of human consciousness. It frustrates me. My dozens of contact experiences have always been, and continue to be about our evolving human consciousness and the re-integration of Feminine, or Spherical wisdom. My process for connecting to this Intelligence was taught by the Intelligence through resonant frequency. I couldn’t tell you how it works, or how the translation-to-words part works. I don’t know. I just know that I was never satisfied with it and always judged myself for not getting all of it to squeeze or shoe-horn properly into words. I’m okay with it now, because I understand today that it’s more important for humanity to evolve into a larger bandwidth of consciousness and feel it for themselves, than it is to continue delivering 3D-takeout containers of wisdom.

This decoded material seldom fascinates the egoic mind. Even my music, which revolved around my own contact and awakening into more, remained on the outer fringe of  different. I fell into the, “pretty voice but what’s she singing about?” genre. After I commune and decode, the bulk of the messages remain within the feeling energy. My translations serve as a word-bridge to invite you into your own abilities to commune and receive, as there is far more data in the resonance – about who you are and what you are capable of – than you could ever receive through language, from me, or any other “medium” on the planet. We are all being encouraged to go direct, to recall our natural state, and tune into our wholeness again.  [The upcoming book is a little bit of my story as well as the activating-resonance tools that I was given to pass on to anyone who was interested. Sign up here for updates on the book, group events, and music:]  Music track below. As always, I appreciate you and your readership.

November 6, 2005
Decoded Energy Message

This transformation, this evolution, is occurring within consciousness – first the understanding that it is possible to make new choices within your own consciousness, and then to make those choices. It is not necessary to create so much of the outer-world storms and chaos and disruptions…destruction…IF humans on a rapid, accelerated scale begin to choose to return…re-turn. This is not going back; it is turning towards the Source Frequency to allow greater and greater understanding of your capacities, and to consciously ask and state that this is what you choose – to awaken into wholeness – conscious, active participation…responsibility, with what is occurring now. There are humans who are serving as portals for these re-minding energies. For the changes will not occur with concepts, language, words, the intellect; the changes will occur in the feeling realm, within the feeling body. So continue with your prayers to accept your fullness in this time/space construct. Thank you for your courage to open in this way and to practice connecting – to be the child once again who has not yet been introduced to the idea of judgment. The child lives within the imaginal realm – the magical realm – the natural realm. Continue in your journey…AS that child and you will receive more strength, power, knowing and ability, to demonstrate the Natural Human in your world…

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The Harmonics That We Are

I just shared this on Facebook and wanted to share here as well. THIS is happening at the same time that it seems all is falling apart in our world. I don’t know about you, but I’m incredibly grateful for these advanced kids arriving on our planet. We need you!!! PLEASE watch. I am not a quantum physicist, but I am writing a book about my lifetime of working with resonance – energy, vibration, sound, music, and the evolution of human consciousness – through a lifetime of unexplainable “contact from beyond the box’. Not from little green men… but from the Universe, Creator, God… you pick a name for the energy that is Absolute Love. Our stories and definitions of such cannot possibly describe the harmonics of the Infinite in language. Like Max here, I know that resonance is key to unlocking the doors to more of the so-called mysteries and conundrums around our power and consciousness, which sheds enormous light on the state of our world “out there”… things WE can absolutely change! …and according to my Sources, we will.