You are Free to Fly


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photoWow. This is really happening now. We have arrived. What now? Practice flying – both alone and together. This is the only work now. Let go of any need to teach or reduce it to fragmented terms. Have the courage to BE IT and demonstrate IT now. There is no more past to engage with, and no future projections to waste our time and energy. We are here now. Heal, and practice BEing IT. Note: the photos of the butterfly are my own. The synchronicities that occurred following this transmission were literally mind blowing.

After I “channeled” this (audio file below), I went outside where I watched and helped this newly emerged butterfly adapt to its new wings – all the while informing me that this is where human consciousness is now. No more waiting. Heal, strengthen, practice, recreate… Fly.

Choosing LIFE with Mother Earth


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Mother-EarthIn sifting through the many pieces of my book, I was guided to share this message from 2007 – about our physical bodies, feelings, knowing, and Mother Earth. It is all One, and we are all doing this together.

Feminine Wisdom from “Um” (oom)
Channeled (or De-coded via Light and Sound) EM Meyer 04/15/07

So you are asking in regard to your relationship to your bodies on your planet, and to address your specific question regarding the chasm or the distance between what is actually manifest and what is imagined – or what is manifest physically and what is intellectualized or projected. Humans walk on Earth amongst all the beings of the Natural World. You are side by side and in the same physical space as these natural beings and you are aware that it is there but collectively speaking you are aware of its presence mostly in service of your needs, or as a beautiful backdrop for your activities on Earth. This is reflective of the same distance or the same misalignment, if you will, with your intellect and your physical bodies – due to the fact that your physical bodies are a member of the Natural World – made of the same materials as all other beings that reside in the Natural World. The difference is, human beings have created an intellectual world – a world of ideas, concepts, symbols and lots and lots and lots of words!

These ideas and concepts and symbols are not in and of themselves “bad”. But if you are only having relationships with words, with ideas, with the abstract; then you are naturally going to create distance between where your consciousness is focused and where your body is focused. Your body has many creative ways to get your attention, to remind you that you are a resident of Earth. Now, we say creative ways, for humans are quite creative in their ability to distract themselves from what is actual. When you manifest an illness, an injury, or a discomfort of a physical or emotional nature (your feelings are physical) there is the message; a message that had to be developed in the very structure of your bodies in order to get your attention through the idea of pain. Pain is actual. It is in the present moment. It is a present moment message. Now, what you do with that message determines your quality of life while in form.

Let us say that you have wrenched your back. You are surprised that you have wrenched your back because you have performed this function so many times before, and why now? Why now will the body react with such a degree of pain? What happened? So you may say to yourself and to others out loud, “Well I must be getting old… can’t do the things I used to do.” You may choose to believe and align with that, and that is quite a powerful collective belief so many of you do; still you do not have to agree with it. No matter what your age; no matter what your job in life; no matter what the circumstances in your life, you can always meet your body and your body’s needs in the present moment by recognizing that there is a distance, or a miscommunication between what you have believed your body capable of versus what your body is actually capable of in that given moment. Actual capability is based upon your choices of nutrition, exercise, right work, right relationship, etc., and your commitment to be present and attentive to the Self – which includes your body.

When you are aware through pain or discomfort that there is this distance, you may take action. Action is the feeling language, the present-moment language that your body utilizes. So if you take action in the direction of restoration; of balance; of wholeness; your body will know that you mean business. Your body desires to be in partnership with you – full conscious partnership – so that you may together, in harmony and balance, have a prosperous and fulfilling human life. So in this moment where you get the message from your body, you may sit down and say out loud, “I am willing to restore. I am willing to return to balance. Show me what I have denied. Show me what I am lying about. Show me how can I can bring my mind back into conscious communion with you, my body.”

Now this in and of itself is action, for you have spoken and you have expressed intention for optimum health. Now, this is your time to practice hearing responses from your body in other ways – other than pain or suffering! You may hear these messages, feel these messages, see these messages. Do not have a preconceived idea of how it will come. Bring your attention to present moment; and this attention to present moment can be done through speaking out loud. Firstly, you may be speaking thoughts out loud for you are not accustomed or you are deconditioned [lost your physical ability] to speak from feelings. So speaking thoughts, initially, are a way to be begin speaking what you are feeling.

You have to want balance. You have to want good health. You have to want to be here now – with passion!

Your bodies are, more increasingly now, sending out these messages to you. Your bodies are connected to Mother Earth. Mother Earth knows and is speaking in actual terms now in her changing and her future changing. She has agreed to provide, shall we say, your sustenance and your backdrop for your experience here for a time. Now you are being called to find your center, your core of Life, your Source, your passion – which is LIFE – your own aliveness! Do you know that Mother Earth at this time, and in the coming future times, is choosing Life now. In the past, she was in a state of disconnect between her own needs, her own life, and her agreement to participate in your experiment on Earth, if you will. So at this time you may see more and more of the Earth changes, and you may see more and more loss of life on this planet in the coming times. This is not to be feared, for this is the message from Mother Earth. All that she is doing is shaking off death. She is letting go of all that is life-less on Earth. For she must let go of all the dying and the dead in order to retrieve all of her energy to be fully alive again. And guess what? You are doing this too. You are doing this in your own individual lives. You are doing it collectively with humankind and you are doing it with Mother Earth; and you are doing it with your solar system; you’re doing it with your sun. It is all concurrent. And the choice is LIFE – conscious aliveness. And your body is your way to full restoration while in form.

Your body is your full and equal partner in this, just as Earth is. So are you alive? Now being an image or symbol, being an intellectual projection of something that you think you are supposed to be at this time, is not Life. That is a ghost. Ghosts will not survive these transformational changes in the direction of LIFE and balance and harmony with All That IS. So begin right where you are. Begin partnering with your bodies; welcoming the feelings; becoming present with your feelings; becoming present with your thoughts; becoming attentive to how you move and operate in your life. Notice what is happening in your outer world. How are you being informed? Who informs you? Is it the news anchorman on TV? Is it your father, your mother, your teacher? Is it your priest, your rabbi, your minister? Is it your Bible, your Koran? Is it the internet? Is it your spiritual guru? You are moving into a stage of your evolution where you must be the authority now. You must accept your own authorship of your life. And do you know who the author is? It is All of Creation living and moving through you in balance and in harmony – healing and restoring. All of your misperceptions have occurred because you decided to create your own virtual reality.

You decided to create your own game that you project your character into. This character that you call yourself is busy with a job, busy surviving, because these characters are well aware and all agree [with the belief] that there is not enough within this projected realm. So you are all busy securing your position in this projected world. You use all of your energy to sustain the image and sustain your position. You are having relationships with other images in most cases. Now Mother Earth is saying, this time of playing video games is over. You must return to the truth now of who you are and sustain yourself directly, actually. And it is very, very simple if you are willing to be sustained by All That Is, rather than within the confines and the limitations of your video game. But you must let go of your images first. Now most humans will not let go of their images if these images are working well for them. But in the land of video games everything is temporary, is it not? One day things are going very, very well. And the next day they are not going well at all because there is always an unseen opposite.

When you invite the conscious remembrance of your connection to All That Is, the unlimited nature of your being, you do not operate in fear. You are no longer informed by your fears, and motivated by your fears. You are informed now in your reconnected state; you are informed by Love – Universal Love – not the love that has an opposite. This Love has no opposite. This love is All in All, and you are connected to that. You always have been. So whether you are currently in a state of a happy human life or an unhappy human life, things are now moving and changing due to the larger intentions of LIFE – which you are intimately connected to – first and foremost Earth, and your Sun and your Moon. The other planets as well, but the Sun and the Moon are more intimately connected to your successful functioning on Planet Earth. These bodies, these beings are shifting into gear now for full restoration, for full LIFE. You may join them now through your conscious intention to live fully – to fully live in conscious connection with All That Is. This naturally creates all of the abundance that you require; all of the sustenance without limitation; without harming another being on Planet Earth or beyond. And it supports your total joy and fulfillment in what you choose to do in your activities. But the key here is to “know thyself”, as it has been said. And to not know yourself as concept, image, belief, because someone else said this or that about who or what you are – which is called conditioning – but to know your SELF directly.

You have to want this. One way or the other you are all transforming. Some will lose their bodies and transform onward to other experiences and other focuses; in other reference points in All of Creation. Some of you have chosen to do this [transform] while in form. And you know who you are. So this message at this time is encouraging you to get to know your bodies a little better. Begin to dialogue with your bodies. Yes, have conversations with them. You might be surprised at the lovely responses that you receive. And you may wish to extend conversations to other members of the Natural World as well. Talk with a tree until you remember how to commune with a tree; talk with a stone until you remember how to commune with a stone, or the river waters, or a flower, or a grasshopper, butterfly, any member of the Natural World that you are drawn to – that you feel a connection with. For those of you who feel that you want to move with Mother Earth now and live fully, this work with the Natural World will be most helpful and most supportive to you now. When I say the Natural World it is also working with your bodies – becoming more aware of nutrition; of what your body might be suggesting in the form of exercise. Feel the openings; feel what you are drawn to and honor that – in whatever forms of diet or exercise… understand it is not diet in terms of losing weight. Get over that. Get over that! We are speaking of what you are consuming, what you are putting into your bodies. Is it vibrating with Life or is it vibrating with death? You are in a life or death situation now. Do not be alarmed by this. Simply choose LIFE! And you will have All of Creation assisting you. At your service! For you have chosen LIFE, as they have. Happy transformations to you all. Good day.

Feel-Know-Embody the Frequency of Who You Are


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gold light spiral smBelow is another “Sound of Gold” audio transmission from 12/29/13. This particular one is part of a documentary in the works. Although I am only sharing audio at this time, it demonstrates the transition into the communion state, message translation, and then back to my ending perceptions about what I just experienced.

An excerpt of my perceptions at the end: “I see lots of pictures when I’m in this connecting state – feelings and pictures. It feels so simple when they share it, and I know it probably sounds oversimplified to you too, and I believe it’s because it is simple… there’s this over-focus on the mind and the intellect, categorizing things, putting everything in its proper place. All the shame around not fitting in, around being a non-comformist. You have to be willing to face that – head on, stand in it… But you know, how you transcend that is to know who you are. You just know, and you radiate who you are. And understand that I cannot stress this enough, that isn’t just a new age statement. It’s a real thing to face your fears. And that’s what they showed me over and over. You say you want to be who you are, or whatever your statement is of expansion… okay, here you go! And you get to feel what love actually feels like – not some idea, some romantic thing between lovers. That’s all good and fine… not judging that. But I’m talking about Universal Love. Get ready. Get ready… Just get through whatever fear is plowing through your body and consciousness and come out the other side. And not that its ever over… There’s always layers and layers and new, unexpected fears, “Oh , I didn’t know I was afraid of that!” But anyway, then you get to feel joy, real joy… not temporary joy, eternal joy, eternal strength, eternal love. I want everyone to feel it. I knew the instant that I broke through and felt that, I knew that this was going to be my life’s work. Somehow, someway. I wanted to help every human being recall this and be it. So that’s why I’m putting myself out here now. What’s different about this moment than before is I’m not going to try and make it palatable or pretty or fit into convenient descriptions, or comfortable descriptions. It isn’t a religion. It isn’t a dogma. It’s your direct connection to Source. How about that? No more distractions. Good guys, bad guys – none of that anymore. You take full responsibility. You meet your Maker – whatever way that you decide is right for you. But the important thing is, is it’s time now. There is no future time for this to happen. I think that’s the message I’m trying to get out more right now than ever. Because every time that we think that something is going to happen next week on such and such a date because these astrological alignments or some psychic said it’s going to. No. It’s all right here right now in the intersection. Don’t wait anymore. Start showing up, connecting to your Source. I truly love you all from this place of Universal Love, the place of knowing the truth of who you are, not what you were conditioned to believe that you are. And that’s my work. That’s my joy. Thanks for listening.”  ~ EM

From EM: Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have written or commented on your positive feelings around the messages and my own sharings. It means so very much to me. Blessings.

Here-IN Lies the Golden Key to FREE


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Journal Snapshot 12/11/95

Journal Snapshot 12/11/95. Chronicled since 1980.

I have been inspired to share and demonstrate my own awakening and direct application of frequency wisdom. I am not one to offer more data and information-food for the mind to consume, so that it may continue in its addiction to distraction. Distraction from what? The truth that we are still attempting to live life within a very small context that we have long outgrown. I translate and share frequency to reach and excite the heart of others in this Many-to-Oneness experiment. Personally, I do not need these audio translations. I experience this wisdom as direct knowing. I don’t require “channeling” for myself. It is about re-identifying with the frequency of “I” – the I AM that lives in the core of every human being on Earth. And it’s about stopping long enough to feel-hear-know IT. The translation mechanism kicks in without thought. I record and share it for anyone who may find it helpful.

The experience of the full integration of this Universal Identity is here. There is no escape from LIFE. In these radically transformative times, some will choose to physically die to meet LIFE once again (as has been done for eons) because that’s what they choose! And there are many that have chosen to consciously die to the past and embrace LIFE presently, while still IN-bodied, and you know who you are.

I share my own process not as a statement that “this is the way”. I share because I am following the Golden Rule. I notice when others share about their own direct experiences and knowing, that it excites and helps me to fill in some of the blanks along my own journey. I offer the same to others on this glorious passage into the full-embodiment of I AM consciousness on Earth.

As a result of my expanded communion state this morning, I clearly saw how simple this shift is… and from this larger context, it is actually quite humorous how we make it SO difficult. I did not verbally translate this morning’s knowing, but I saw in my mind’s eye that if I wanted to share something, the messages on this topic were provided in an already-existing audio file (below) from October this year.

So, how much longer will we remain in the perpetuation of the 3D world? How about engaging with Source directly? Perhaps the final step in this shift is to consciously choose to die to the past, embrace LIFE DIRECTLY, and radiate this LOVE into our world. This is the game changer. BEING who we TRULY are is a natural letting go of the egoic need to fix, heal, protest, save, or fight anything that is already dead. I was shown that any confusion now is an opportunity to ask this question, “In what way(s) am I still trying to rationalize, cling to, and drag the past into this NEW EXPANDED CONTEXT because there is a fear of the Unknown? Question: What do you truly want? I am speaking of essence – vibrational energy without 3D framing. Do you know yet? I recommend spending some NOW-time with yourself to locate this signature vibration, just as this Cosmic Golden Frequency showed me. Then, let go of everything that you have known from the past, and take an actual, physical step in the direction of the energetic signature that is the full and passionate you. Here-IN lies the Golden Key to FREE.

Blessings to all of you in this Season of Love. Open and welcome the beautiful, Golden Christ-Self that you are. It’s now time.  ~ EM

Note on audio. I edited out most of the light language and sounds referred to in the message. Not everyone is interested in hearing, feeling and absorbing without words. Send me a note if you are interested and I’ll make it available.

Praying with the Mantis – ET Contact


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mantisIf you read any further, forget everything “bad” you may have been told about the Mantis Beings… or any ET beings, for that matter. Let them inform you directly about who they are. In some cases, they are us.

I was invited to Durango, Colorado for Thanksgiving Dinner. In the end, I was not able to partake with the rest of the feasting folk in the dining room downstairs. I lay in a big beautiful bed above them, suffering the most excruciating migraine pain of my entire life, and just so you know, I have indeed suffered greatly with this affliction in the past. I could not have predicted what happened next. I was “abducted” “taken” “spirited away” from my 3D migraining pain and shown (re-minded once again) of many things – yet another transformational happening with my multi-versal family. Yes, contact.

Contact occurred because I became aware that I was talking out loud to “them” – a prayer-like activity that I’ve done my entire life. I don’t “think” about doing it, it just occurs and my 3D mind suddenly becomes aware that I am doing it. What I was saying was, “I have experienced many wondrous things in this human life, AND I am not willing to stay here any longer and suffer more pain. I will not stay if there is nothing more for me to offer. I have no need to maintain an earth identity that does not fully and outwardly serve Love in greater and greater ways. It’s all or nothing now.”  …and other versions of that, in a continuous stream of totally honest, taking-a-stand-from-the-human-view feelings. This is an exercise that I remember them showing me many years ago.

I was lifted up and out and above the house, still aware of the din of loud feasting below. They were healing me, and showed me that I was in the beginning of my 3rd life in this form – that there are 26-year segments of lives. The way it was presented – in pictures and feelings – I could see how true this was. Each 26-year segment was extraordinarily different. I had the knowing that a lot of us are living several lives in one body this time around. Long story short – and this is a long story with many dimensions – I had the knowing that everything would radically change again. My life now will be very different, from this moment forward. How could it not? When I returned to the house and bed, there was a very tall, thin, golden, liquid-light, winged mantis-like being sitting on the side of my bed. It exuded that glorious sound and feeling of pure Love that I have known, and have been comforted by, throughout my entire life. This time though, we did not part. While I was frozen in the magnetic loving energy, the being leaned forward, wrapped it’s glorious wings around me, and merged into me.

Everything is different now.

One thing is, communion translation feels stronger and clearer. The audio file below is pure, loving energy translated into language. You will hear the ecstasy at the end. I am overjoyed if some of you find it encouraging, helpful and inspiring. It speaks to those who have had the experience of direct touching-knowing and understanding in their 3D lives, but may still be frozen and confused about how to proceed… so how on 3D Earth is this done?


Lost in The Shift


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I know it’s been awhile since I’ve shared here. It is simply that I haven’t had a moment of extra time. So today I’m offering a recent transmission with a link below – entitled “Response to Direct Inquiry”. It was a larger-context response to my inquiry regarding very real collective feelings right now – lost, confused, fatigued, sickly… while simultaneously feeling love, beauty, and hope.

Over the past few months I have been in the process of developing a podcast for the Sedona Journal of Emergence Magazine and Light Technology Publishing. It’s been a wild and sometimes surprising ride in the creation of it, and also as of this date, I continue to record, host, edit and post these episodes for the publisher. So I find myself immersed in what I have affectionately called, “Channeling Central”. I cannot tell you how wonderful it has been to have these dialogues with others who are opening to share their lives and the passion of their spiritual work with me. A few of us have been discussing the evolution of channeling – a subject that I am particularly fascinated by. Some of this dialogue is captured, and some occurred after the microphones were turned off. Suffice it to say, that many in this field are experiencing a rapid evolution of this thing we have called “channeling”. Believe me, many of us are doing our best to come up with new terms to describe this chosen service of “translation of the larger-context knowing” to the smaller, language-based, linear word form. Fascinating stuff.

This audio transmission occurred on 11/16 – last Sunday. In this sharing I have only provided the response – after the energetic blending and shift into larger context. At this point I’m still not certain how interested others are in the demonstration of the shift, or if they simply want to hear the response. I’ll continue to share it both ways in the future. I appreciate those who follow this blog. Thank you. ~ EM


Awakening is Only the Beginning…


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“There are more individuals than you are aware of that are ‘in the knowing’, and their decision that it was not safe to share was for the most part true. And [now] this timing of hiding and not sharing and protecting yourself… it is over. It is done. And it is important that you snap out of it so that you do not continue to perpetuate the judgement that there is something special about yourself, and that no one gets it, and that you must create distance between you and others. This must end, as soon as you can possibly receive this and snap out of it. …Awakening is only the beginning. It is not the end result. It is not a destination. It is a beginning… you are here to strengthen – in community and in the collective, with the planet – strengthen the greater human… strengthen the greater capacities that you are designed to behold, to be, to embody…”

Excerpt from audio transmission today (110214)
Posted to The Sound of Gold Files

Welcome to the Real World


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“Once an individual experiences the unknown, there is a tendency to view this person as crazy, insane, imbalanced. We would suggest to you at this time, that it is the opposite. These individuals who have been touched by the unknown are actually on their way to sanity, well on their way to balance. But due to the fact that they do not have much reflection, in the world that they have been conditioned within – for this touch or taste of God, of Creation – they begin to despair. They feel alone. They find that they are unable to fit into the world as they had before. They find themselves in the in-between, between what is known and what is unknown. There are many individuals now on your planet who are feeling trapped in this in-betweenIt is important that you begin to speak out loud in your communities, to share your stories, for the more honest you are about who you are and what you are feeling, the more solidly you will land in the natural world on earth. Many of you that find yourselves in the in-between are allowing the past valuing to dominate your experience on earth. Whereas with a bit of trust, a bit of honesty, a bit of sharing of what is true for you, you will shift the valuing to the truth of your existence here. Right here. Right now. And you will begin to develop this community that will manifest the solidity of humanity into the Real World. So welcome! Welcome to the Real World.”  

~ Excerpt from The Sound of Gold Files, July 24, 2007  (Full audio file below) Transmissions for this timing in our evolution.

If you will be in the Northern New Mexico area and are interested in attending group sessions, please contact us here.




Lucid Blending in Now Time


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I have begun sharing my unfolding story that has been occurring throughout my life on a new Sound Cloud page called The Sound of Gold Files. This process began as yet another story of “contact” from the 1960’s through the 90’s and has accelerated from 2004 to present through verbal-sound transmissions. This is the way that I am guided to share at this time – through sound – more than the printed word. Over time, I will be posting and sharing my entire journey in this format – which is truly OUR re-turn journey to our natural state. It is indeed my intent that it be helpful, empowering, healing and inspiring to those that listen and resonate.  The first post here was my own process of blending with this Intelligence a few hours ago. Nobody taught me this. It has been a natural, organic unfolding of consciousness – achieved through honesty and innocence  – something that this Presence wants you to know that you can choose to do as well, in any now moment.  ~ EM

Handy Tips for the In-Between


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knowthyselfKnow thySelf. This is the wisdom of the ages.

Who are you? I don’t care about your person-place-thing descriptors. Do you know who you are? It is crucial that you do feel and know what your signature vibration is in these times. This is the doorway, or your access to being directly informed by Love.

You are Absolute Love. Why do you continue to allow others to frame reality for you? Have you noticed how confusing things have become? It used to feel like we had too little access to information. Today we are drowning in TMI – too much information. Who do you trust when you have not established your own solid foundation in what is real? How is this done? When there are no more distractions, and you fall into an exhausted heap from the desperate search for the truth out there, this is the point of surrender. All one can do is turn within.

Know thySelf. Know energy, vibration, frequency, and allow yourselves to remember how to read and translate it. This is direct knowing, instinct, and attunement to what is natural, and it includes you and your body.

The energy beings that contacted me throughout my life showed me – over time – how to get to know mySelf again. This intelligence shared with me that in these times now, it would be vital to keeping our balance. “Know what you feel, so that you can feel what you KNOW.” In other words, feelings are key to reconnecting to our Source Identity. They also added that no matter how hard we try, we cannot “think” our way there. The intellect has and will continue to be a great servant in denser environments, but it literally has no-thing to offer on this now plateau.

Don’t be afraid. Love is here. If you find yourself overcome by fear and panic, here is a recommendation from this cosmic intelligence that I have used myself, and have demonstrated successfully.

The fear and panic comes from the mental confusion over your misunderstandings around identity, and what you were previously given (or conditioned to believe) about what life is. Thank the mind for its previous service and ask for the frequency of Love to assist you in re-orienting to what is natural. They showed me that if we re-call the greatest love that we felt in the past, that we can re-invite it back in to our solar plexus, and make the statement – out loud – that I AM HERE. I AM LOVE. I AM LIFE. I ask that this knowing strengthen me, and help me to solidify my consciousness in TRUTH, right where I AM.

It was difficult for me to recall these directions when I was in the panic, but I did, and what followed was the greatest healing imaginable. Now when I feel the panic begin to erupt or a “not-knowing in the realm of thought” it is far easier to recall this identified frequency and recall it into my solar plexus. It is in Love that we do KNOW. Allow yourself to feel the certainty of that.

For me it feels like like we’re all going to feel some degree of terror around being unplugged from the old grid. It’s only terrifying because we have been conditioned to believe that it is all we are and all we have. That was a lie. Now we are unplugging from a crumbling grid, and we feel the panic of not being plugged into something. The breeze can be terrifying! Simply allow yourself to plug back into the natural-world grid, where there is Love, power, beauty, grace, community, and joy. Soon these won’t just be words anymore. We will adapt to and own these natural frequencies and demonstrate them right here on Earth.

If you haven’t yet had your panic attacks, it is suggested that you begin to define in your feeling-body what Love feels like for you, so that when you feel the emptiness and the uncertainty, you can bring this Love frequency back into your being. This is when we rest in the arms of Absolute Love, and know thy SELF as ONE with Source again.

Love to you all.


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