Grace on Earth


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NewSunI’m here
On the other side of fear
My heart and my eyes still hurt
From this birth
Into a new light on Earth
Who would’ve thought that
Having too many choices would present
It’s own set of conundrums
And a desperate need
To build a fence
Or a frame
Or just anything to contain

My advice to you?
Before you cross over the threshold
In essence
Who you are
And what you want
It helps a lot
As you begin to build and define
Your Self
Based on what is true
Based on REAL LIFE

You mastered the small
And adapted as best
As any soul can
Tho dear one
It’s time to acknowledge that it’s over
Let the shackles
And the many faces
Of limitation

Deep breaths
Until you feel your face
Your hands
Your feet
Your worth!
Swimming in Real Life
Swimming in

EM Meyer
June 23, 2014

Feel the Breeze and Don’t Go Back to Sleep!


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The above photo shows three representations of the Tau Cross symbolism found all over the world - Mayan, Anasazi-Hopi, and Egyptian. All weekend long the messages have been coming with this symbol – reminding me of my time in Chaco Canyon. I was shown that this is the window that one must be ONE with to dissolve the perceived walls between dimensions. It is the present moment; the intersection between time and timelessness. One cannot remain attached to the many stories, identities, and dramas of the world AND resonate with, become one with, and pass through this breezeway. Concern yourself only with finding and matching the frequency of this breeze, and you become an inter-dimensional bridge, or portal on Earth. What happens when there are growing numbers of portals on Earth? Too many holes in the wall… and the wall will most certainly fall.

IK [eek], IQ Common Mayan Usage: air, wind Qualities: spirit, breath, wind, inspiration, presence, truth, co-creator of reality, simplicity, unseen forces, integration of polarities Symbol: spiral whirlwind, hummingbird Number: two (polarity) Colour: translucent white light Element: air Direction: north

IK [eek], IQ Common Mayan Usage: air, wind Qualities: spirit, breath, wind, inspiration, presence, truth, co-creator of reality, simplicity, unseen forces, integration of polarities Symbol: spiral whirlwind, hummingbird Number: two (polarity) Colour: translucent white light Element: air Direction: north

“…We are now poised in a time when duality is transforming into unity. The polarities held in relationships, our male and female aspects – even the manifestation of karma – are all changing. We are moving into a time when the polar aspects of all things are coming together in truth. You are the creative field for the integration of the larger pattern of duality.” – Written by Uros Muluk

“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want.
People are going back and forth across the doorsill
where the two worlds touch.
The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep.”~ Rumi

Collectively we are “just in time,” poised on the threshold of this window, adapting to the frequency of the breeze…
And this is really happening.

Engaging Inner Tech… Don’t Think… Just Fly!


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FlyingEMAnother BIG shift. This is real. This is so real, that as a result of the Cosmic Intelligence helping me to recall my flying/time-travel abilities on the night of April 3rd, I have lost interest in being the reporter or informer to those that don’t already KNOW and accept on some level that they are more… that they are ALL… and that they are ready to BE and apply this Inner Tech now. No more wasting energy. It’s time to FLY!

I’m taking ownership. I accept that I AM on Earth. And I continue with this blog for no other reason but to share how this manifests in my life from time to time. I am also excited to hear how it manifests in others who have accepted I AM – inside and out – as well.

On the day before the transforming lucid dreams, I grieved for the collective ALL day. I processed a lot of shit. This is something I’ve done my whole life, and I’ve met others now who do this for Mother Earth and humanity as well. We have enough experience with the process that we know instinctively and clearly what’s personal and what’s collective. Here’s a summary of the lucid dream details that created this next big shift in me.

The energy/light beings that I have known and interacted with over my lifetime were helping me to engage my flying (and so much more) abilities. There were a series of coaching scenarios. Initially doing lift offs from the ground, but mostly I was taken very high up into the clouds and blue sky… it felt ridiculously high. There were flat silver disks – maybe about a 6-10 foot circumference – in a variety of staggered positions in the clouds. I was standing on one and was being encouraged to jump off into the sky below. I felt some hesitation, but I also fully trusted the familiar beings that were with me. I jumped off and was falling very fast, as expected, when I remembered something that felt like “but of course!” I will call on this ability right now. I simply called on the knowing and ability and it literally “engaged” in that second. “It’s like riding a bike… you never forget.” And the key to this was, DON’T THINK. There was zero thinking involved in this event.

This is a strange statement as I type it, but the very best part of the dream wasn’t the flying – as thrilling as that was – it was the feeling within my body when it remembered and engaged!!!  And within that feeling was all the other amazing inner tech that I knew I could draw on again if I chose.

I’m phasing out the “Coming Out as a Contactee” Facebook Page. It doesn’t feel right for me to use my energy for that now. Some of us are building community via other platforms, and that feels far more direct and supportive – with more of an efficient approach and use of our energy.

Meanwhile, don’t think… just FLY! (…and laugh and shout with exuberance and joy!)

I wrote this song, “Fly”, at the turn of the century. Like most of the material I’ve received and shared over the years, it was always intended for this time, and it makes far more sense in this current context… just like a lot of our lives. Don’t give up. If it hasn’t begun for you yet, things will make far more sense very soon. Feel like you never fit in? It’s because thankfully you don’t! Engage now, and create the world that you do feel at home within.

The Shift is Done. Are You Still Feeling Loopy?


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I had a series of dreams a few nights ago that clearly validated what I’ve been sensing for awhile – what people have been referring to as THE SHIFT… well it HAS DONE SHIFTED. Oh the energies will continue to increase, and all that is false in our outer world will continue to crumble, but basically all that remains is our recognition, adaptation, and acclimation to the sheer power and beauty of what is real and natural - the truth of who we are. I laughed upon awakening from one of the dreams. Over my lifetime a lot of people have considered me to be the “loopy” one of the bunch. After you read this post you may see the irony along with me. In fact, the ones who made fun of me - with what I saw and sensed beyond the limited, and repetitive definitions of life on earth – were actually the “loopy” ones.

Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe. Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surrounding, the sphere of external influence extends to infinite distance. - Nikola Tesla, circa 1890

Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe. Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surrounding, the sphere of external influence extends to infinite distance.
- Nikola Tesla, circa 1890

In dream #3 of the night, I found myself walking around what appeared to be a mental institution with dazed and shuffling zombie “patients” who were not present and therefore could not make eye contact. So what grabbed my attention was a magical display of tiny turtles on a coffee table who wanted to demonstrate to me that anything was possible. They chatted with me, danced, flew and even turned a pile of decorative stones into an animated 5-D conga line. It was pure delight. I then looked up from this amazing display to see another human pair of eyes lock onto mine from across the room. I went over and sat across from him – chair to chair. It was a long conversation with that familiar feeling of huge knowing-downloads taking place that would be understood and more fully integrated at another time. When we were done, I looked up and saw an old tin sign that said M•I•K•O•L•A in an arched, semi-circle formation. There was a later understanding that I was conversing with Nicola Tesla himself. Why the “M” in his name? I dunno.

All of this was occurring simultaneously… with one more very important overlay. I clearly saw, and for a moment inserted myself within a few repetitive and “glitchy” holographic loops. They represented the programming that I / we personally believed was the truth about reality, and therefore willingly participated within. One in particular was a loop of being at my first job at the telephone company in Southern California and having the boss belittle me and chastise me for not following exact (demeaning) protocol. It felt horrible – just like it did back then. I could see that there were some anomalies in the loop or matrix, which helped me realize (real-eyes) that it was fake. It was buzzing, cutting out, and becoming distorted. I knew then that these loops will continue to loop as long as there are enough of us still participating and believing that these “programs of limitation” are real. (So who, may I ask, are the “loopy” ones? LOL.) Very simply put, it is our energy that perpetuates this unreal, unfulfilling-world, and therefore it can still appear to be the dominant (looping) collective reality. Each one of us needs to see this for ourselves, and then choose (and build) our new, more expanded personal as well as collective reality.

Actually, it was the first dream of the night that revealed this important piece to me: The ones who have been at the helm of this holographic, virtual world construct, have left the building. “Head”quarters have been abandoned. It is in the PAST. NOW, it is all up to us to create and live presently in a world we are literally in “heart” with. Good riddance to HEADquarters and a warm welcome to the collective, HEART-centered, natural self – the Self that lives at ONE with, and in balance with the Natural World. And make no mistake, it was abandoned because enough of us have real-eyezd our true nature.

I channeled the following related material in June 2006 from the Group Cosmic Intelligence… way before I fully understood it. As confusing as it has been, many of us have been preparing and developing ourselves for this current intersection in consciousness. And life never made sense before because we absolutely needed this larger context in which to comprehend the magnificence of our “real” identities and our very “real” power. So I’ll leave you with this…

…Be willing to rest in your residency in the Natural World and you will find an abundance of resource, creative solutions, new understandings, new approaches, and new insights that will demonstrate to others that you are in fact in a wonderful new place.

When you are firmly rooted in your new residency, you are in a position to validate, in physical form, that these newly acquired skills and insights are, in fact, demonstrable to yourself and others. And as you know, this is a requirement for most people now on the planet. They must see in physical terms how this works and that it has value. Do not put pressure upon yourself, for you are taking this one step at a time and sharing what you have learned, what you now understand, having crossed this threshold into the more truthful, natural self. You not only support each other in your varying stages of conscious rooted-ness in the Natural World, but you serve as inspiration, a beacon for those who connect with you from the past – reaching out and reaching through the distortions. This is in fact how you heal the past from this present place of orientation – both on an individual level as well as a collective level. In the present moment you discover the treasure that you have all been seeking – unlimited resource for living the fulfilling lives that you choose. And the gift that is offered from those who have found their way to the present-moment orientation in the Natural World, is to reveal to any who come within their consciousness and physical being, that there is a far more productive, fulfilling, and peaceful way of living on this planet that brings riches and success far beyond what you could imagine from the past.

Humans are in for a big surprise, as you say, when they realize and come into full understanding of what the Real World truly is. For you have all been collectively settling on a very limited view and definition of the Real World. The intellect is of great service to humans, but it is not the foundation of the Real World. The Real World is feeling and intellect blended into an interactive and harmonic resonant balance. Yet humans must first restore their feeling nature, which may initially appear to be out of balance. Once the feeling nature is restored to its fullness and the healing has been complete in regard to the past orientation, the intellect can be reintroduced into the system as servant to the heart – just a slight adjustment in orientation for humans on Planet Earth (stated with a cosmic wink). We do not mean to make light of this in this way, but it truly is a slight adjustment from the larger view…


Love Actually – A Message of Encouragement


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Red roseWe do encourage all of you at this time to observe your responses and reactions to the variety of awakening symptoms. Some reactions are seemingly not healthy, but understand in the larger context of what is occurring here, it is all understood with compassion. Your individual focus, it is encouraged, is to be attentive to your own responses, your own reactions, your own feelings. This is why we have stressed the work with your feelings so that you may more quickly and readily identify frequencies of fear and frequencies of love, and choose accordingly. Stay with Love. It seems simple. It seems like a, “…but of course I would choose love.” Permit me to say, that you may not always choose love – even in these times, with all of the practice, all of the studies, all of the workshops… we have altogether arrived at a time when all that you have understood, both intellectually and in heart, will be applied.

You will be given many, many, many opportunities to apply what you have understood to be true. Some of you will be changing your understandings after actual application. While there may be teachings and advice from your past that you resonate with, and that you feel that you have benefitted from, you may find in actual practice that it was primarily wisdom that resided in a conceptual form – an intellectual process and conclusion. You will find that when called upon to apply wisdom, things change and you will adjust accordingly. We have emphasized the importance of recognizing when you are in fear so that you may correct it as quickly as possible and continue resonating in Love, for this is vital in these times. It is not too late, if you will, to continue your exercise in “knowing what you feel so that you may feel what you KNOW”. We will not list the process at this timing for there is material available – a daily practice if you will – to stay rooted in Love.

You will all be navigating a landscape now where half of your world and environment and structures – both physically and mentally, will be crumbling, vanishing, falling. At the same time, you are intending to build on a new foundation of Oneness and Love. You must be resonating in this Love, in actual terms, not just in your mind. Thinking it does not, in this case, make it so. Feeling it, resonating with it and building from this platform will create a more effortless unfolding. Trust this. It is true. And many of you know this, and you are already embodying and walking on the planet, resonating with this frequency. You understand what is being spoken here. You are the beings who do not get triggered, respond with fear, when another individual is confronting or attacking or processing through their own fear in their own way, for it is understood it is not about you. In fact, many of you are holding the space for their unraveling so that they may loosen the bond of fear and meet you in this resonant frequency. Of course the more of you that are embodying and practicing these resonant frequencies of love, the easier it will be for all of you.

You are responsible for all that you experience, all that you speak, all of your actions… it will return to the individual consciousness more rapidly now. The mirror will be almost immediate. It is there to offer either an opportunity for immediate correction within your consciousness, or it is there to say, “Congratulations you are in Love, sharing Love, perpetuating Love, being Love, and it will only grow from this point on.” So take responsibility on this level and for your own lives on earth, how you will deconstruct, let go rapidly. In these times it is rapid, you do not have the time and space any longer to hang on – due to the frequencies that your collective consciousness is transforming and maintaining now – this level of Love. You will not be able to hang onto ideas and ways of being that are founded in fear. This will move more rapidly with each passing day. Do not be afraid. All is well. All is in perfection now.

This is, we will call it out for what it is, this is an enormous celebration throughout many dimensions. Feel that. Accept that. Play your part confidently, proudly, lovingly. Some are more aware of how they might serve, more aware than others at this point, but this will be rapidly changing. You may find, and some of you may smile at this, due to your past experience… a seeming unbelievability, but you may find that even the most stubborn of those individuals that you have encountered… the most stubborn, the most fearful, will emerge as some of the strongest leaders founded in Love. Allow this to be a possibility. Be careful about your condemning of those who you have judged as less than, less intelligent, less aware. Understand that they may step into some of the powerful leading positions in your new construct – in your new way of being. Understand that this is possible. Be very mindful, very aware of how you judge in this timing. Each individual that you are speaking to, whether they are resonating with you or not in that moment, each individual deserves respect and love. Be calm. Be clear. Speak from this resonant frequency. Strengthen this frequency so that it is more first nature, first hand, without thought. It will grow stronger.

We do make ourselves available to remind those who request it, some of these practices for finding that resonant frequency. And there is no doubt by the way, once it is found, your body will explode with it in joy. It will recognize…. all of the cells of your being will recognize this frequency. Your body is one of the greatest tools now to help you in relocating this frequency when you have temporarily set it aside. Frequency is the key. Feeling and vibrating with these frequencies of power, truth, love, peace, will make all the difference in your changing world. This is where your power lies. Understand this clearly. It is vitally important that you surrender your first choice of working solely with the intellect in your focus, and the rebuilding of your world. It is not that intellect does not play a part. There is no judgement of intellect. But understand that the first platform of being and creating is the platform of Love, the heart. The intellect serves the heart. This is the foundational lie that was given to you – that it was the opposite. It is not that. Understand your natural state is operating in Love – applying, building, creating, using your intellect from that stable ground, that firm ground of Truth.

Verbally channeled from the Resonant-Heart Intelligence
Feb 22, 2013
via EM


Contactee Series: Anchoring the Universal – Tim Hicks and EM Meyer


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On March 20, 2014, Eileen and Tim talked about what it’s like to stay true to the Universal Identity after having directly experienced the activation and practice of a Universal Heart-network consciousness. It’s actually incredibly empowering and magical… until we get bombarded again with the daily “suggestion” of limiting, collective beliefs of friends, family, and media on a daily basis. It’s why we continue to communicate with each other – to continue to strengthen and anchor this Universal Heart on Earth. It’s time now. To listen, please click on the photo below.

Specific topics explored: The scripted world stage – Tim’s now-sensing about what will unfold with the conflict between US, Russia and China in the coming weeks *** Eileen talks about also bringing it back to the individual-heart level and recognizing the power of the choices made at this focused yet powerful place. There is less time and energy now to “dance between two worlds”. Choosing what we prefer now *** How we are dealing with money and value issues between Universal and 3D world beliefs *** Strength, resolve, courage and trust is immense. Not only are we, the numerous frontrunners, passing on spiritual inspirations, some of us are also out there in the world, testing and pushing on the conditioned boundaries while maintaining the embodiment of Universal Love. Human Beings are the point of power, waking up and creating it as we go *** The shift is when the given and past-accepted insanity is completely at odds with the growing truth in our hearts – where we naturally shift into what is Universal and True – not in image, but in actuality *** Does the transition need to be traumatic and frightening? Both Tim and I sense that there are enough opening hearts that we will bypass the horror stories projected into the future from the past 3D existence *** Eileen’s Universal Heart Network has been informing her for years about humanity’s shift in consciousness at this timing. There are far more humans aware and anchoring the new frequencies than we realize. We simply need to talk with each other and share and demonstrate what we know *** What “coming out” has been like with our families and friends. That shifting place where we can no longer lie about what we see and know to be true – based on the love and wisdom from heart intelligence *** How the high-frequency contact affected, informed, and changed us on a direct, experiential level. How is it explained in words? Tim suggest that perhaps it’s like trying to explain an orgasm. Good luck with that! Music by Eileen Meyer “All of Creation“. Click HERE if you’d like to listen to my initial Coming Out as a Contactee talk with Tim.


“Click” for Conversation with Tim Hicks and EM Meyer

Please consider making a one-time or a recurring-monthly PayPal donation in support of this growing work. I want to keep up with the costs for websites and internet, as well as eat – not only for myself, but others in this growing community who are on the front lines of change. Thank you. I am also accessing this Universal-Heart Network for private sessions. The feedback that I am receiving on these sessions is highly validating and encouraging. I can claim this, because it’s not just about me… it’s a Group Consciousness that I access through the cosmic heart. They showed me over my lifetime how to do this, and I/WE have begun to access and share these gifts and abilities. The group intent is to share with you – who YOU are, and if you choose to stay, who you came here to BE and DO. It took me years to fully accept the power of this work. I AM here now, “coming out”, and fully committed to helping individuals make this benevolent transition into Humanity’s True Operating System ~ EM

Update on Contactee Series


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Blogtalk-logoHello friends! Time for an update on the Coming Out as a Contactee Series. I recreated my last talk with Terry Andrews (posted below) for the upgraded Vimeo site – where all of these episodes reside. I had to let my Premium BlogTalk Radio account go as it was too much money for me to keep up with, and in the end it didn’t seem like the best overall fit for this project. My talk with Terry had over 450 downloads via BlogTalkRadio before starting over on Vimeo.

Also, in keeping with my past inspiration to meet with folks in person, I did ask a few local “contactees” if they wanted to do a “coming out” talk in person, but they weren’t ready. So… we’re back to Skype talks with contactees, which is totally perfect and wonderful.

I met with the first episode contactee, Sam Joy, when I was in Flagstaff, Arizona this month. It was powerful and amazing but the audio recording of our meeting ended up being unusable. I will need to invest in the proper recording equipment to accomplish this in-person approach in the future, although it did validate my original inspiration to expand into into these in-person conversations. The energetics of contactee-meeting-contactee is… um… wow.

Meanwhile, we’ve had some recent collective energetic upgrades that I have posted about on this blog – from my own personal perspective. It does make me wonder… perhaps as a result, more of you are ready to talk?

Here is a link to the original invitation if you’d like to refresh your memory, or forward it to someone you know… anyway, please refer said courageous souls to me via this blog. Thank you… and remember, good things are happening.

Donations to continue expanding this project and this blog are always welcome – button is posted on the right side of this blog. Thank you!

We’re Doing This!


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breakthruEarthHello every dear soul. I wanted to share this uplifting message below. I have been moving through many profound changes over the past few weeks, and it is ongoing. Many of you have been sharing your “upgrade” stories with me as well, and I am most grateful to be the receiver of your gorgeous insights and inspirations. Remember, do not judge yourself if you are feeling trapped, limited, and confused. This too shall pass. We are all doing this together. When one of us is in a focused process of shedding the fear and the past, we are with you, and holding the space for you to rejoin the Universal Family in just the right timing for you. You are loved… believe me, I have felt it in my body and being – to the the point that I “thought” I might explode. It’s called Love. You ARE Love. Glorious things are happening. Hugs and congrats to each and every one of you who are HERE at this time. We’re doing this!!!

Digitally recorded and transcribed via EM
Gold Light Presence
Jan 2, 2011

While we understand that fear arises in the presence of Universal Love, we encourage you to begin to practice discernment in your lives – to discern what is real and what is unreal. Your bodies will be of greater service to you in these times – to know, to discern. To know what you need to know when you need to know it, which path to take, which community to align with, though is not to say that the rebuilding of your communities will be perfect. Do not project that it must be and look perfect in order to be “spiritual”, for you are in a unique position to create from where you have been to where you are headed. These are simple compartments of the mind – the past and the future. YOU are the present point. You, your bodies, your heart, integrate and become the bridge between past and future. Stay in the present and you will find all the answers to all the questions. Accept “what is” in any given moment and you will be fine. You will reach the place where you will no longer have questions and you will no longer require answers. Why? Because there will no longer be a past and a future for the the question and the answer to reside within. You will know. And you will build your lives and your communities, your homes, on the foundation of the truth of who you are – your universal identities. And again, while we understand that there will be fear along the way, there is also the great joy in rediscovering who you are – not in relation to the human world that you have created and the context of the human world, but in the context of the Universe. The foundation and your stage are transforming because you are transforming.

Are you ready for this? You are coming to a place where each and every one of you will no longer be able to deny that this is occurring, for you will feel it in your bodies and your bodies are connected to the Earth and the Natural World. When you play with your ideas in the intellect and you attach to the words and the knowledge of the past, you are able to continue to deny the truth of who you are, for you have all become quite accomplished in the denial of love in your reality. Love is returning. And while Love is beautiful, Love IS the creative force of the universe. And yet, in your world it will sometimes appear to destroy. For love does not know dis-ease, disruption, imbalance. Love IS balance. And when Love is present it brings all to balance. So yes, there is a seeming disruption, destruction, of what you have created that is not founded upon what is real or true. This will fall away. You do not need to fall with it, for you are not of that, you are of Love. So allow your selves, your consciousness to re-identify with love, with the heart, with what is real… what is true. The best tool you have for this is your body with your heart. Begin to practice communion with your heart and you will easily adapt and practice communion with all that resides in the natural world. Welcome home. You are not alone. Know this every step of the way. Build your communities now. Support each other in this transformation. You have access to this Universal network of friends and family that are not currently in the form that you are, and in the reality that you have created, and yet we are able to reach you because more and more of you now are operating in the heart – the heart’s wisdom, so you are able to hear, to perceive these messages. At the same time you have access to this directly. And you have access to each other for support, encouragement, comfort. It is a joy. Remember this. This is about adapting to joy, to love, to the universe. Thank you for hearing this, for welcoming the rest of yourselves so that we may commune and encourage and celebrate YOU. Good day.



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SidewaysSurfSwift waters knocked me sideways
Horizontal torpedo
Into a whole    new    world
Still riding the wave into the Unknown
I’ll let you know
When I know
Are you here?
I know I’m not alone…

I sat down in front of this blank blog space to try to reconnect with all of you, and the above prose shot right out. It’s a strange feeling… I AM undergoing a major reconnection to the rest of my Self. Who knew this convergence would happen in Flagstaff, Arizona. Past and future are enthusiastically meeting me here. Most of it is wordless… a bit challenging for a blog.

Here’s what I know for sure. Listening, feeling, and generally being present is where one catches the new wave. Lose the judgment… ANY judgment… and your surfing into a new, more benevolent world will be magical and blessed.

One moment I’m in Santa Fe. The next I’m in Flagstaff – 45 minutes north of Sedona. I responded to a call… about a job. A job? My old self that resided in the polarized weirdness would’ve judged that. I DON’T WANT NO STINKIN’ JOB! I want to be FREE!

HELLO. Don’t judge. Listen, feel and be present. Unexpected creatures and connections live in these waves. At first they appear to be something you THINK you know. And then you find out that you don’t know… and the Universe is ready to SHOW you! EVERYTHING is a potential gift – just waiting for us to unwrap it now. If you judge that old book cover called, “This is LIFE” you may just miss the magic inside. In other words, it wasn’t about a job.

My whole life has been about preparing for this intersection in consciousness. My passion and purpose is to help those who feel the call, to enter into LIFE, to assist in the navigation of these big waves. Last month a generous donor provided a pay-it-forward session for someone (thank you). I was inspired to do four… I guess you could say I paid it forward x4. Spirit responded x144, and showed me THIS IS MY real LIFE, and I have added even more insight and healing ability as the TEAM adds more focused expertise into the network.

On this beautiful Earth, I have spent time in the trenches and simultaneously with ETs and celestial beings. Yeah, I was the freaky daughter, sister, cousin, and co-worker. Oh dear God, I am shouting joyfully… thank you for providing the rest of the pieces that reveal there was always a purpose in the Universal Heart-mind. As crazy difficult as this life has been… there was and is a rhyme and reason for all of it. Here now, in Flagstaff AZ, I am meeting, integrating, and strengthening all of the pieces of myself – both off planet and on. There is no more trying to make sense of what doesn’t – and will NEVER – make sense from thought… and the past… where thought resides. Trust me, Love really does fill in all those pesky blanks.

I’m ready. Are you?

Blessings to all dudes and dudettes… COWABUNGA NOW!

If you feel it – Transition Team session and contact info can be found here.

Coming Out as a Contactee talks will resume in a few weeks. I’m wondering if cowabunga waves are happening in their lives as well. I may schedule a group chat to discuss current inner and outer events!  Past talks can be found here at Vimeo, and also here at BlogTalk Radio.

Coming Out as a Contactee: Terry Andrews


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The first full-episode! Terry Andrews lives on the coast of Northern Oregon – by way of waking up and moving west from Minnesota. Her background and training involved being a self-professed, “just the facts m’am” newspaper journalist, editor, and adjunct college professor who taught writing. Terry now lives presently and joyfully as an author, healer and teacher – working in tandem with her cosmic, group-consciousness network that she has known since she was a very young child. Like many of us though, she managed to supress the sharing of these details for most of her life. Together we unravel more of the common threads that contactees experience by sharing what it has been like growing up with the strong knowing that our “real” family is not in human form. Also, how we’re willing to bust out of the old, and recreate ourselves and systems that we once allowed ourselves to squeeze into. Perhaps it’s the starseeds waking up first, but once we all remember the cosmic love that we’re connected to, there’s no going back!

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Contactee Terry Andrews

Contactee Terry Andrews 2.21.14

Terry AndrewsYou can contact Terry Andrews directly through her website:

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