Love and Appreciation

Fall Crop

Photo by Karen Kuehn

Hello Dear Friends,

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for your readership and participation with me here on the Adapting to Grace Blog. The time has come for me to move on. This entire vision and creation was born from an old paradigm, where we “thought” we had to search and work hard to reconnect with our Source. Hopefully, in all cases, this blog has informed you of the opposite, and the wisdom has empowered you to accept your power and grace right where you are.

I have crossed a threshold in consciousness that has taken me to a more expanded, and simultaneously a more present, on-the-ground focus of work and service. There is nothing more I can say or share here, in the form of language, that will help.

Everything is different. We are in a phase now of streaming Actual Love and Presence in every area of our lives. This is the meek inheriting the Earth – embedding ourselves into 3D and then transforming it from the ground up.

I will leave the blog up for a few more months, and then it will be discontinued. Please visit me over at We are building a community of “Practicing Authentics”.

Love and Blessings,


Remember… your heart is ALL WAYS the key…



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“Why Woman Truth NOW?
Because it’s time
To inject what’s real
What’s actual
What feels…
Into this giant
Cyperspace of TMI.
Watch out world…
The Divine SHE
Has Arrived.

~ EM 9.27.15

Join us. All genders welcome.

“She’s Got Something to Say” by Eileen Meyer


Resonant Joy – A Woman Truth Poem


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Everything has changed. Do you feel it? Wow.

We’re making a lot of good progress on the Woman Truth Channel. Details will be forthcoming. Meanwhile, I build the sites and I continue to create.

This poem is from 2012.

Source Light – A Lucid Dream


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Flash of LightI wanted to share a lucid dream here before it fades.

In the early morning hours of 8/23, I entered a lucid dream. I was looking at the sky when a huge fireball was speeding toward the earth. I felt no fear.

While looking at the center of the ball of fire, I felt it “see” me. It then cracked open like an egg and the flash instantaneously pierced my heart and the entire multiverse at the same time. I couldn’t open my eyes as it was far too bright to take in through my physical eyes.

I was instantaneously changed. Total reset. Total Love. Total Peace. Total Consciousness. Total Oneness.


Faery Wisdom


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Found on

Found on

It looks like my move will now be towards the end of September. I still don’t know where I’m going, but meanwhile I continue to go through old boxes as well as old hard drives. I created this piece (below) from the faeries (2004) into a YouTube video. It is an excerpt from a dialog with a friend who wanted to videotape some questions that he had.

Currently I am building the Facebook Page, Website, YouTube Page and fundraising sites for WomanTruth. I am so excited about talking to other women and sharing my growing collection of photos and recordings of their truth with the world. Eeeeeeeee!!! So much passion and excitement around this for me.

I spent pretty much the rest of my bank account to get this part up and running. I’m going to need help. Some friends are stepping in to support me in non-monetary ways, which is SOOOO amazing. Thank you.

And now a word from one of my sponsors… The Faeries. They first started manifesting in lucid dreams in the early 90’s and then began waking me up to watch them float nearby my bed. Their beauty and vibration were so extreme to me at first that I almost couldn’t take it in. Just the color of the one faery’s “dress” was blowing my mind as I had never seen that color before in my life. For years after this one visit, I couldn’t talk about anything else but the power of that color! The faeries are the experts in telempathy, for sure. One doesn’t hear their thoughts as much as they experience a massive sphere of downloadable heart wisdom. The only other times I interacted with them in nature was when I was on the Mayan Fire Path and performed fires in both Ojo Caliente, New Mexico, and then in Guatemala. At first they would begin whispering, then singing, then laughing… which is utterly infectious. I couldn’t stop laughing at one of my ceremonial fires! It was completely unexpected when they came through for this sit down session, but I’m so happy they did. By the time we get to this part of the timecode on the tape, the energy has settled down quite a bit. Seems strange to say that I had to integrate and balance the joy before I could speak, otherwise I’d be bouncing off the walls. I love what they say about miracles and magic… no biggie! Just our natural state…

~ EM

Attuning to the Universal Song


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“When you feel the attunement, you will literally feel the unlocking. It will feel like there are billions of little keys unlocking the padlocks that have closed off joy within your body, within your being. They will be opened, and you will feel Love. Now your body is absolutely thrilled with this, for it has been in the reduced state – the dull state, the numb state – per your instructions, per your conditioning throughout your life. We are speaking about most of you. So your body becomes ecstatic when this occurs, and then what happens to the mind? The mind has been involved in a certain program for most of your lives. It is the one that has been in charge of keeping you in the program – not calling too much attention to yourself, fitting in because, “this is what we do here, and we know nothing else so we may as well make this work.” Right? This is the program. When this frequency is felt by your body, and it awakens, it does not return to the deadened state. Even though the mind will say, “We need to be small again, so stop that celebration now! We do not want to call attention to ourselves and people will think we’re crazy, so let us stay small!” Well, the body will not cooperate…”  (full audio file below)

I am in the throes of sorting, packing, and letting go… again. It has been incredibly scary and empowering at the same time. In past moves, I always knew where I was headed – in the direction of some “comfortable” known place – with persons and things that were the current mirrors and props in my play. There are huge waves of anxiety that I endure now while I’m not only trashing things, but I’m also uncovering value that I didn’t know I had – on so many levels. As I stated in the last post, I am in total surrender right now, and basically asking the Universe to show me… in no uncertain terms… how to proceed (if I am to proceed) with this life. In my process of “moving”, I uncovered some audio files that I had forgotten about on an old hard drive from Hawaii.

I want to share this audio from August 2007 with you – delivered over 8 years ago now. In my opinion, it is the most clear and direct transmission that I have delivered about the evolution of our consciousness in these transformational times. And it is my answer from the Universe, once again, for I have gone round and round with this one for awhile now. It is about attunement, and it is the intention of my life. It is what I, and many others, came here to do. I cannot tell you how valuable it is to be reminded of my pre-life intentions and prayers. I do believe that quite a few of you will resonate with this guidance in the context of your own healing process. Below is the full audio file of this transmission. (If you are hearing impaired, simply write to me here and I will be happy to provide a written transcription of this session.)

What initially appeared to be “no viable choices” for me, as I stood on the threshold of the rest of my life, is now changing into a veritable sundry of possibilities popping up on the horizon. It takes great courage to stay present with this discomfort… to feel it all, yet remain calm with the “great unknown”. I want you to know that if you are in a similar place right now, we stand together, shoulder to shoulder. Breathe, stay present, and trust. Clarity is coming. I’ll share more in the coming weeks if I can, but I wanted this to be my last post before my proverbial dive off the cliff.

Also, below the audio file is a digitized video that I uncovered in a box of old VHS tapes. It is the first time I publicly performed one of the many songs delivered to me after my profound Kundalini and ET contact experiences in the mid to late 90’s. I was graduating from the 3-year course at the “School of Enlightenment and Healing” in San Diego, CA. I was terrified to make myself so vulnerable and share this music that arrived in my heart from the “Unknown” – instead of comfortably fronting rock and roll bands with those well “known” Top 40 Dance hits. (LOL)

Thanks for walking with me on this incredible journey. I love and appreciate you all.

~ EM

More videos on the DivinelyFem YouTube Channel.

Light Warriors: The New Rock Stars


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All into the LightA few things I need to say as we stand on the threshold of our ONEness… I’ll begin with this quote I saw recently,

“In 1984-1985, Dr. Peter Gariaev and his team of Russian linguists were studying DNA and the ways light, sound and frequencies interact with DNA. Their research led to many groundbreaking and paradigm-shifting discoveries with one of them showing that DNA is able to absorb and emit light (photons), which spirals along the double helix in sacred geometrical form. Literally, DNA creates magnetized wormholes in the time-space fabric. DNA acts as “tunnel connections between entirely different areas in the universe through which information can be transmitted outside of space and time. The DNA attracts these bits of information and passes them on to our consciousness. The researchers found that with the presence of light (photons), DNA activation and thus evolution can occur.”  Source:

This is a perfect example of the fascinating studies that have occurred (and are occurring) in the scientific realm that most of us never even hear about. I share it here because I KNOW this is how I/We commune with the Universe. It is sweet validation for me in this moment of NOW.

For the most part though, my voice has been a meek and quiet one, and I’ve been invisible to the world. This is not only the case with the content of what I’m sharing in music and on blogs, but I am utterly unable to explain or match in words what occurs in my body-mind when the actual communion-connection occurs. It is the evolution of channeling. When I access, it is a completely different system or model than what we have come to call reality here. It is ONEness, and when it occurs, I am unable to speak in language or perceive myself as the human me. At some point word-translation kicks in, and I perceive it as I AM Consciousness – which includes me – EM. Please understand though, the words are only utilized so that the message isn’t completely imperceptible to the human mind. The majority, or shall I say, the infinite data is in the frequency, the energy, the vibration itself, and it is not spoken. It is felt and known within. Our bodies (our DNA), know how to de-code this data. Understand that it bypasses the mind and intellect. For example, take a tree in the forest. I point to it and ask, “What is that?” You might respond with, “It’s a pine tree,” or “It’s an oak.” In the linear, thinking model, yes this is true. But in the spherical, whole, natural-world view, it is an amazing being that you can directly commune with, and IT will inform you of who it is through energy – not just a word we learned in 3D-school.

I have noticed over the years that many folks (with good intentions) project or overlay their beliefs onto my findings (and others’), with what they’ve “learned” within our closed linear system here. There is a another way. I was entrained to these frequencies through my lifetime of contact, although everyone has the capacity to FEEL this phenomenon and plug back into the Universe directly. It’s like a new operating system, but not really “new”, and it’s within us all. I feel powerless, as even though I am a direct experiencer of this phenomenon, science can’t find me and friends/family think I’m nuts. My own father sees me as a failure because try as I might, I could never align with “the game” out there. So yes, I am an utter failure in the money and success game, and my father, like so many others, is valued in the world but seems to have joined the ranks of the unhappy “winners”.

In the eyes of other humans I don’t fit into the existing authority model, even though I am directly “authoring it”. I am a woman… that never finished college. I am in direct knowing… yet I don’t have the knowledge or vocabulary to translate scientifically. I am invisible… The FEMININE has been purposely kept invisible! And not only that, it terrifies the establishment to think that humanity is coming so close to directly recalling the Holy Grail of their being. The oppression has worked magnificently, wouldn’t you say? Not any more though! Whether it’s through me or a growing population of people who reconnect with our Prime Source in this way, the suppression/oppression game is over. There are growing numbers waking up; we are becoming truly PRESENT and ALIVE NOW… and there ain’t nobody that can manipulate that… bitch.

So I ask the Universe, what was the point of all of this repeated contact and the frequency upgrades throughout my life? Why didn’t you contact someone (a man) who has a PhD in quantum physics? Why didn’t I go crazy and kill myself like some of my counterparts who experienced these things? Why am I still here? Why am I packing, sorting, and moving again? And this time I have no resources to speak of and no idea where I’m going. Back into a cubicle? Homeless? Same thing. This is my full and sweet surrender now.

I have a few creative pursuits in the works, like Woman Truth – conversations with awake women, but the support has to come from others now. Generating a revenue stream for coaching people on how to reconnect with their natural state always seemed ridiculous to me. I never could make it a business. For over 20 years I have used every cent of my money resources (retirement, plus borrowed, plus scattered media jobs) to deliver the music and 3 blogs of inspired material. I have given everything of worldly value away. What remains is a demonstration, through me, of OUR TRUE VALUE. I want, more than anything, to see it happening through you too.

My first recording with a Woman Truth guest is happening Wednesday. I told her very honestly last week that I’m not attached to anything Divinely Feminine becoming visible or of value to other human beings. If people receive value from it, and want to support it (and other’s projects) with a cheer and a pat on the back, and/or the current-cy of the day, great. If not, then my shift is over here, and I send everyONE love and wish them well on their journey. But I do look forward to others stepping up to the plate, taking the baton, and following their excitement with this amazing, “Project Wake Up to the rest of ourSelves”. Remember, there are many of us still on the fringe of the system. We are the pioneers, and had the courage to leave our well-paid jobs years ago when we woke up. Some even left the country, to become full-time light warriors – busting through the bullshit and revealing the truth of how incredibly powerful and universally connected we really are. It’s working. The old system is (slowly) falling apart. The Millennials are here. (Yay Team!)

Remember, the money/value system that most people are still in service to is a mind-boggingly (is that a word?) genius scheme. When one wakes up to see these things, it is truly stunning how well this slavery system works – with the creation of a symbol of our Source Current-cy (money) as something separate or outside of our TRUE and DIRECT CURRENT. So with the masses focused on the symbol, and in fear of anything beyond the prison walls, it seems unlikely that they will find the current within. And the ones who were brave enough to exit in order to demonstrate our value and inform the masses, well… there are some sad stories out there. The moral of this story is, if at all possible, KEEP SUPPORTING YOUR LIGHT WORKER/WARRIORS!!!  They are your rock stars now.

Some are saying that “The Galactic Wave” is coming anytime between now and September this year, and that it will snap us out of our smallness, and then we’ll fully recall who we are and we’ll party on into eternity. Awesome. Bring it on. Although, I for one don’t have the patience anymore to be lulled into waiting for a nebulous future happening. I, along with many others, take conscious action and steps every single day to explore consciousness and report what we find. I’m not waiting for anything “out there” anymore. Been there done that. Bring it on NOW, and bring it WITHIN and through. I love when anyone has the courage to explore and experiment with consciousness, but let’s not leave it up to just a few. We need more of us to explore and do our own reporting on what is ACTUALLY happening. One request though, please don’t regurgitate what already exists. BE the ORIGINAL that you are!

I tip my hat with a wink and a smile now – to all the Light Warriors who came here to help. Would you like to share HONESTLY what you’re feeling right now? Let’s get out of the many storylines out there. Bring it home and speak what is true and actual. As the Big Giant Love Intelligence taught me, begin with “What are you honestly feeling now?” They said numerous times, and very clearly, that this is the doorway to the rest of ourSelves, the Universe, and ALL.

What a crazy-weird place… yet I am eternally loving and laughing with you ALL. Thank you for being here with me, and most of all, thank you for listening. I’ll leave you with a song from the Mother: Ooh Song

~ EM

How 8-8-8 Moved Me Closer to Home


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HomeSweetSo yes, the much talked about 8-8-8 Gateway yesterday was profound for me. I started the day off with a huge rage that poured through from the depths of my own individual being, as well as from the collective, that I expressed and released. This is nothing new, as its always been part of my spiritual work here with the Divine Feminine. (It’s something many of us came here to do – feel, process, and release for the masses.) And then came the pure, sweet surrender. I have maintained this sweetness for over 24 hours now, and I am consciously connected with Source – without the templates or identifiers from the past that show up in the context of religion, ETs, spaceships, angels, channeling, etc., etc. This Presence is unlabeled, undefined Pure Source Resonance just waiting to be channeled into, and through us, thereby completely transforming our collective world… and moving us right here, right now, back Home.

I was going to write about all the wisdom downloading coming in but here’s the thing. I’ve already written about it. It’s all here on this blog (and my older blogs). After I connected this morning through the resonant Language of Light – I was shown many things. Not that it was all brand new data, but in the Presence, it always feels new. I was pointed to a specific message on my blog and the words to use in the search box to locate it. I invite you to read it and allow this message to ignite within your own body and being. It is very clear to me that the way through and out of these perceived limitations is through frequency and vibration. Not because someone here in 3D told me so, but because I KNOW. I was “Love-In-Formed” of it. And we are all wired to receive KNOWING in this way.

You know that old adage, “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it?” Well… guess what? This egoic-driven stance literally keeps us stuck. If we continue to identify with persons, places and things, and the stories created from a 3D platform, we will continue to loop in consciousness and remain in wonder why “Home’ is so elusive… and nothing seems to change. If we truly want to be free, we must be willing to rise and meet the LOVE that we are in vibration – above all the stories and templates created from the past. How is this done? All that is required to be truly free is honesty, innocence, and a willingness to simply show up – empty of all past identifiers – at the gate. The rest takes care of itself.

Here is the translated, timeless message referred to above – from December 2013. Yes, it will be more words, but know that they are simply a bridge for you to recall your own direct, word-less connection to Home.

Unwrap Presence:

Thank you for receiving. I bow to your own courage and willingness to find your way HOME. ~ EM

Integrating All the Pieces of You


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We are a team – which includes Mother Earth. We are here to remind you through resonance that you very much belong here. It’s time to snap out of the old repetitive loops, and wholly BE and DO what you came to BE and DO – to stand at the center of the Ancient NOW and sing out the Weaver’s Song that was written within every cell of your being. The MORE of who you are is arriving now, the rest of your UniversalSelves, to restore the human being to its full and natural state once again. We thank the pioneers – the helpers, the healers, the revealers of the magic and treasure that by their very presence are activating the core of every human heart that they encounter. And we thank all of the brave and dedicated spiritual warriors of all ages who who are clearing the way to make this possible.

Now is the time for the much heralded return of the Source Feminine. She has been busy reviewing all of the pieces of who you thought you were… who you were told you were… and who you forgot that you were. Know that SHE stands with you now, shining the Gold Light, as you release all that is not aligned with your purpose, and remember, accept, and integrate who you are… once and for ALL.

Turn it Up!

This song as well as my first album is available on iTunes.

Through Private Coaching Sessions I can assist you in releasing the old, activating your heart-feeling-knowing network, and reconnecting you with the rest of your SELF. If you feel in your core that you came to help, don’t give up. We’re almost fully HERE. Thank you for your support.
~ EM


Woman Truth – Turn it Up


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Photo by Karen Kuehn

“Don’t look now, but we’ve found, we’re super heroes with magic power.”  – Woman

This song came through 10 years ago, to be the ending credits theme song on a documentary about women who have had lifetime contact with benevolent, ET intelligence. I was one of the subjects of this film. It never made it to the public screen in its entirety and I’m not exactly sure why. It was a very powerful piece. Maybe too powerful?

I understand that a balance of the masculine-feminine is more in line with where the healing and restoration of our consciousness is headed, but first the long-oppressed feminine (non-gender based) voice expects to be heard. As uncomfortable as it may be for some humans to be exposed to the extraordinary power of woman standing up and speaking her truth, this reconciliation and ultimate balancing of our collective consciousness is ever so vital now. I’m working on a new media project to encourage, and to help provide a safe place – anonymous if some wish – to simply speak the truth. Honesty and authenticity is fast becoming a necessary nutrient or medicine that triggers our eternal ONE HEART to awaken within. Once this is underway, the fragmented masculine will be relieved of its “duty” to “manage” or direct a virtualized version of life on Earth, thereby making a “wholly” new playground for ALL to thrive on Earth.

Thank you to the already growing collective of women’s (feminine) voices who are choosing to speak what is actual now, instead of looping or pretending to be small in order to survive in this once desolate, heart-less virtual world. This is why I am dedicated to developing this new media platform – designed to encourage the Sacred Feminine to share the truth – from every where and every walk of life. More to come. ~ EM

Another day

I see his face

And he’s still saying

To be afraid

The world is orange

The world is gray

It’s getting old you know

His way

I had no idea there was

Something in the air, something underground

I had no idea there was

Something lost, but now that it’s found

In the name of love – in the name of woman

I can feel

Things are getting better each day

It’s getting better – (time for) her way

The secrets out

It’s not about

Your mounting

War for treasure

Don’t look now

But we’ve found

We’re super heroes

With magic power

You had no idea there was

Something in the air, something underground

You had no idea there was

Something lost, and ’cause of you it’s found

In the name of love – in the name of woman

I can feel

Things are getting better each day

It’s getting better – (time for her way)

I didn’t know ’cause

I wasn’t told

That says a lot you know

It’s a good thing

We were listening

When you’re out of ideas

The power of woman takes hold

We had no idea there was

Something in the air, something underground

We had no idea – we had the power all along

We had no idea that there was so much more

And it’s landing on our very own shore

It’s a good thing

It’s a good thing we are listening

to the language of love

The language of woman

(Feeling, feeling, feeling)

Things are getting better each day

It’s getting better

2005 by Eileen Meyer, Produced by Larry Mitchell


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