All That Love is You


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A Beautiful Writer’s Den that I landed in recently. So grateful.

I stopped writing a book a few years back because the printed word was simply not enough. Happily and joyfully, I am back to writing a book, though it will be more of a multi-layered, multi-media e-book. I was shown this platform in my mind’s eye, from my visitor’s telempathic connection with me years ago. But guess what? There was no context for what I was seeing back then. What I saw was a book that had words, as well as little pop-up videos, musical files that would begin to play, and beings that would enjoy revealing the beauty of their color and frequency in transcendent, holographic images in the mind’s eye and heart of every reader – in delightful and unexpected ways. I believe this format will fully manifest by the time I gather up the pieces of the past portion of the story of my contact with these beings. And I believe it has the potential to inspire one to find and live our present-moment story… one that has a very happy beginning.

Here is an excerpt of what I transcribed today – a spontaneous message from 12/29/13.

What is it that you want? Do you know what you want? We would advise that you explore your feelings, speak your feelings, cry, release, shout, laugh, so that you may open these doorways and begin to feel the essence of who you are. When we ask you, “What do you want?” We are not asking the fragmented consciousness that pulls from existing files in order to respond to the question. You must begin to embrace communion and identification with frequency, with essence of what it is that you LOVE. You will strengthen this. The more that you connect to yourSelf and meet these expanded frequencies in the intersection, you will begin to feel who you are and embody who you are. Do not think that you must have a job title, or even have a job in this expanded reality, for many of you are putting the cart ahead of the horse, as you say. You are trying to create or build or imagine your wholeness, and what that looks like with all that you have known from the past. It does not work this way. You will find who it is that you are, and it will perhaps feel foreign initially. It may feel like “other”, and you will perhaps project that this is Angel So-and-So, or it is Sananda, or Jesus, or it is Michael the Angel, or it is some other grand being… that is not you. Ah, but it is you. All That Love is YOU. It is I.

This is where all of this changes now. This is where you remember that you are that – not only these heavenly beings that you project upon for these glorious parts of yourself that you have forgotten, but also the projections upon the demons, the ones who (you think) have prevented you from being who you are. You will remember ALL in the intersection. And in the intersection the doorways are here, waiting for you to stand in the present, face the fears and begin to feel, and to recall the frequency of who you truly are. This is when you will know what to do, who to be, who to gather with, who to build with. Do not concern yourselves with the details. Your job now is to step up to the intersection. Step up to the plate. Surrender and be willing to state that you don’t know, and you will know, in the truthful and innocent statements that you don’t know. A lot of paradoxes in this place, but we promise you, again from our seeming future vantage point, you have already successfully crossed this threshold, and you are helping others do the same.

What do you want? If you do not know what it is that you want, because all that you can see is all that has already been done, then be willing to heal and expand into re-identification with the Universal. We promise you that it will be clear HERE… very clear what you want. And you may even laugh out loud when you come to this place, and we will be laughing with you. We promise… because WE ARE YOU. Good day.


Harmonious Wishes from Santa Fe


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Greetings All, I just wanted to share a clip from the House Concert last night. I haven’t expressed my musical side in quite some time, so I wanted to wave to you and share a small clip from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Fall is in the air… my favorite time of year. And my heart is open and I’m engaged with my Natural Self. I feel joyful and truly ready for anything. Join me!  ~ EM

Turning Point


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Scientific evidence shows that in the middle of the Milky Way is a supermassive black hole.

Scientific evidence shows that in the middle of the Milky Way is a supermassive black hole. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

You are in the middle of the wormhole
Which direction will you go?
Behind you,
Persons, places and things
Are calling you to “save your place”
In a dying world.
It feels like the tightest squeeze yet
In the center of this
Will you go back
And appease the smaller things?
Or will you have the courage to step into
And accept the fullness, the perfection, and the absolute beauty of free?

EM 08.10.14

Meet your Maker (and Keep your Body)


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Source Frequency is pouring in to meet us, and many are sensing and responding to the increasing opportunities to rise and meet this I AM Field. This recorded piece is meditative and balancing, and has a continued encouragement for all to practice adapting to, and BEing, from the foundation of our natural state. For over 10 years I have had my own unique, evolving spiritual practice of hitting the record button on my laptop before I speak my feelings aloud and transition into one of these communion states. I was shown this “suggested” practice in a spontaneous communion state many years ago. I refer to it as “communion with translation” now, and it is truly the evolution of my lifetime of “contact” with a cosmic intelligence that has coached and helped me adapt to this Field. I continue to use these tools with great reward to my spiritual growth and well being, as well as a healing offering to others.

Initially you will hear the tail end of the audio of me speaking as myself, and a tiny sampling of the energy and sounds that occur in my body. At this point I won’t put you through my entire authentic talking-feeling expressions (lol). I have also shared and referred to them in the past as “honesty sessions”. It is what I was shown by this Cosmic Intelligence back in 2004 – that we can open these higher-frequency doorways with spoken honesty and innocence. I have found this to be true, in actual and demonstrative form. I wanted to capture and share the transition and the resulting message from “the Field”. These messages have evolved, and at the same time, they have been perfectly consistent since 2004. It never stumbles. I stumble all the time, but when the Field speaks, it simply flows. It streams with a beautiful frequency that I (and my physical body) responded to and integrated over my lifetime. I am just beginning to catalog the hundreds of audio files collected over these many years. Even though there is an enormous amount of material, I balk at the idea of writing a book because language – words on a page – feels too limiting at this point in time. In my feeling opinion, far more “information” comes through the vibration of sound. For now, I will observe and see what form it eventually finds comfort in… Also, I was inspired to create a bit of music and imagery to this file. I hope you find this sharing helpful, healing, and inspiring.


Software used: Garageband and Motion

Welcome to the I AM Field


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SphericalAwakeningI have found myself stumbling upon highly relevant, vibrational messages that I language-translated from roughly 2005 to present – a series of sign-posts to help prepare us for these times. I realize, now more than ever, that I need and welcome these feeling reminders that infuse me with the Truth. You see, I can honestly say that I am no longer addicted to the mental-grid. I am in active recovery. Lucidity is not “one day”, but one moment at a time as I adapt to my wholeness in the I AM Field.

During my “contact”, or massive “doses” of Source Love over my lifetime, I was informed that the process of exiting “the existing grid” and adapting to our Whole and Natural Selves, was THE most challenging addiction for humanity to overcome. And they taught me ways to return to this Present-Moment, Natural State – instantaneously. They shared that if one can re-identify, recall, and re-emerge within the Universal, Natural, Truthful state of BEing and ONEness, then ONE is HERE NOW. When you are HERE NOW, all past programming, all past conditioning, all fear of being psychically attacked, or being sucked into the associated quicksand vibrations of victimhood, doom and despair, cannot locate you. Why? Because instead of existing, participating, and buying-into the limitations of a conditioned existence, you NOW exist – ONE with SOURCE. THIS is where you recall and act from your Infinite Self and BEing. This is the shift. This is the doorway that every single human being has the opportunity to step through now.

In the past, when I have streamed or translated this wisdom into language for individuals or groups, do you know what the predominant reaction was? In these sessions, the intellect was purposely bypassed, therefore leaving nothing but a glazing over of the eyes. Even though the vibrational messages were activating the infinitely spacious heart-field, I would literally watch the ego/mind-grid seduce them back into the smaller, yet familiar lattice of existence. Through this I learned that language was the barrier and I began to back off from sharing it in this way. I experimented with the translation until I realized that I if I entered the presence, I could have a blended conversation between client, the I AM Consciousness that provides images and feelings in my 3rd eye, and my own human experience and perspective as a guide to assist in reorientation to the Infinite world beyond what we have been conditioned within.

I was all-too aware that I wasn’t exactly popular with my work, which made it a poor source of revenue. And I was aware that it was because the consciousness contacting me was not willing to provide exciting, dramatic stories about the cosmos and all of it’s dimensions, labels, and characters to enable you to stay in what they termed “your repetitive, closed loops of consciousness” – which I learned is yet another defense against actually meeting the actual Presence NOW. The I AM Field simply kept repeating…

Yes, we are familiar with the stories… now, are you ready to be who you are? Because when you are BEING who you are, you will not desire to engage us in a game of trivial pursuit! More than likely you will lose ALL interest in getting answers to questions. Questions and answers are symbolic of your perceived separation from Source. You will go direct, and you will find far more exciting things to BE and DO in the Presence.

Language can keep us locked into the “existing grid”. It is conscious FEELING that leads us directly to our ACTUAL experience of Infinite Oneness and Power. One of the first teaching messages within this I AM Field was, “Know what you feel so that you may FEEL what you KNOW.” It took me years to fully grok the power and potency of that message. There is nothing I can say (yes, I’m aware of the irony of using language to type this blog post) that can make you take this conscious step into owning your Infinite Self. EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL MUST MAKE THIS CHOICE FOR THEMSELVES. All I can do is… hopefully inspire from the telling of my own travels.

From my own past experience, if I persisted for an explanation from some clients as to why they don’t seem interested in actively working with and re-identifying with the I AM Field, they had some form of this response:

“I’m busy. It’s too hard to find the time to sit still and give voice to feeling what I feel so that I may pop into the Infinite Field to re-call, reidentify, and act/create from this ALL-KNOWING Field. In the end, it’s just too hard… and I don’t have the privacy to give voice to what I really feel anyway.” 

In other words, what your programmed self is saying is,

“Thank you, but my egoic self is still invested in perpetuating this unreal world and existence. It may not be a perfect life, but in the end, I’m okay with being controlled and manipulated by something outside of mySelf. I’d rather pretend that I’m powerless and I don’t know anything. And not only that, I have a job, a family, friends… I have a false image to uphold in this false world. Yes, I’d rather physically die in order to re-turn in the direction of Source, and recall All That I AM.”

Compare this to the addiction of substance abuse. If you have a friend or family member who is addicted to meth/heroin/crack, etc., and they are saying these power-less statements to you, I do believe that you would more clearly recognize the absurdity of this position and defense. And guess what? Most of us are addicted to the small world, and some are only beginning to get glimmers that there may be a problem and it isn’t healthy or wise to agree to this tiny, controlled existence. Sadly, we spend a lot of our time and energy enabling others to stay addicted and support/perpetuate the insanity as well. Even so-called spiritual and religious practices can be part of the smallness-addiction. Want to know a clear sign that you still exist in the controlled grid of existence? If your God or Creator-oriented beliefs and activities always keep you in perpetual seeking beyond, or “out there”, and one never “actually” arrives (though some loudly claim that they do). I know you’ve heard this all before, but it’s the truth. In REALity, there is nothing to seek. YOU are IT. You ALL-READY reside in the Infinite Field. It is simply a shift into the feeling perspective – from the (highly manipulatable) mind-based grid to the empowered, Heart-Knowing Field.

I’m not able to do much of the talky-talk sessions with people anymore. There’s nothing left to talk about – except to point interested parties in the direction of identifying and adapting to Grace. It’s really time to exit the language-based grid. The work that I have trained for my entire life – through “contact” and actual practice with re-called Source Energy, is to share or broadcast this vibration of the Infinite Self. And since we truly are all ONE, those that are in the midst of these frequencies may find and identify with their SELVES too. It took me years to integrate and re-identify with these frequencies of the natural and whole SELF, and I’m still not fully and constantly HERE… but I do have the tools and the ability to lock into it at will. A little secret? I wrote this article because on one particular morning I was overwhelmed with unusual feelings of despair, fatigue, and hopelessness. It goes to show you how quickly we can get ungrounded or off-balance as we continue to navigate and interact with the existing world-grid, and allow the disempowering, or fear-based frequencies to grab hold and suck us under. I then recalled as I had been shown over the years – even as I flailed within the quicksand of doom – that all I need do is invite the feeling-frequency of who I AM into my solar plexus as I speak out loud the truth of what I am feeling in that moment – with total honesty and innocence. The rapid shift into Peaceful Presence is nothing short of astonishing. Had I been experiencing psychic attack? Probably. But don’t give it any energy or credibility. It’s simply another stupid story that I/We no longer choose to live within. Remember, those lower-vibrational, virtual-reality beings cannot find you when you lock into the Heart-Present. And when a critical mass is reached – of Present Moment Beings – they will no longer have a playground, and no one left to agree to play their silly virtual games. We will all be exploring the joy of actual wholeness – in form – and they themselves will be forced to flee, or actually feel the power of SOURCE LOVE too.

I KNOW that the transformation of humanity is set to trigger a massive, domino effect throughout ALL consciousness. This is the massive potential that lies in your individual choice to fully and REALLy BE who you are. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for? I say, we are the ones who are arriving as whole beings in our existing form, and we are the ones that see… and are consciously stepping up to tap that very first domino.

There are well over 1500 words in this post, attempting to describe the joy and celebration of this amazing evolution in consciousness. Simultaneously, I am in it… and I AM speechless.

~ EM

P.S. I AM Orientation Sessions are available – and/or donations accepted to support my existence in the world. I lost my previous site last month because I couldn’t keep up the payments. I am currently building the new, basic (free) site here:  Thank you (bow).

Grace on Earth


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NewSunI’m here
On the other side of fear
My heart and my eyes still hurt
From this birth
Into a new light on Earth
Who would’ve thought that
Having too many choices would present
It’s own set of conundrums
And a desperate need
To build a fence
Or a frame
Or just anything to contain

My advice to you?
Before you cross over the threshold
In essence
Who you are
And what you want
It helps a lot
As you begin to build and define
Your Self
Based on what is true
Based on REAL LIFE

You mastered the small
And adapted as best
As any soul can
Tho dear one
It’s time to acknowledge that it’s over
Let the shackles
And the many faces
Of limitation

Deep breaths
Until you feel your face
Your hands
Your feet
Your worth!
Swimming in Real Life
Swimming in

EM Meyer
June 23, 2014

Feel the Breeze and Don’t Go Back to Sleep!


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The above photo shows three representations of the Tau Cross symbolism found all over the world – Mayan, Anasazi-Hopi, and Egyptian. All weekend long the messages have been coming with this symbol – reminding me of my time in Chaco Canyon. I was shown that this is the window that one must be ONE with to dissolve the perceived walls between dimensions. It is the present moment; the intersection between time and timelessness. One cannot remain attached to the many stories, identities, and dramas of the world AND resonate with, become one with, and pass through this breezeway. Concern yourself only with finding and matching the frequency of this breeze, and you become an inter-dimensional bridge, or portal on Earth. What happens when there are growing numbers of portals on Earth? Too many holes in the wall… and the wall will most certainly fall.

IK [eek], IQ Common Mayan Usage: air, wind Qualities: spirit, breath, wind, inspiration, presence, truth, co-creator of reality, simplicity, unseen forces, integration of polarities Symbol: spiral whirlwind, hummingbird Number: two (polarity) Colour: translucent white light Element: air Direction: north

IK [eek], IQ Common Mayan Usage: air, wind Qualities: spirit, breath, wind, inspiration, presence, truth, co-creator of reality, simplicity, unseen forces, integration of polarities Symbol: spiral whirlwind, hummingbird Number: two (polarity) Colour: translucent white light Element: air Direction: north

“…We are now poised in a time when duality is transforming into unity. The polarities held in relationships, our male and female aspects – even the manifestation of karma – are all changing. We are moving into a time when the polar aspects of all things are coming together in truth. You are the creative field for the integration of the larger pattern of duality.” – Written by Uros Muluk

“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want.
People are going back and forth across the doorsill
where the two worlds touch.
The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep.”~ Rumi

Collectively we are “just in time,” poised on the threshold of this window, adapting to the frequency of the breeze…
And this is really happening.

Engaging Inner Tech… Don’t Think… Just Fly!


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FlyingEMAnother BIG shift. This is real. This is so real, that as a result of the Cosmic Intelligence helping me to recall my flying/time-travel abilities on the night of April 3rd, I have lost interest in being the reporter or informer to those that don’t already KNOW and accept on some level that they are more… that they are ALL… and that they are ready to BE and apply this Inner Tech now. No more wasting energy. It’s time to FLY!

I’m taking ownership. I accept that I AM on Earth. And I continue with this blog for no other reason but to share how this manifests in my life from time to time. I am also excited to hear how it manifests in others who have accepted I AM – inside and out – as well.

On the day before the transforming lucid dreams, I grieved for the collective ALL day. I processed a lot of shit. This is something I’ve done my whole life, and I’ve met others now who do this for Mother Earth and humanity as well. We have enough experience with the process that we know instinctively and clearly what’s personal and what’s collective. Here’s a summary of the lucid dream details that created this next big shift in me.

The energy/light beings that I have known and interacted with over my lifetime were helping me to engage my flying (and so much more) abilities. There were a series of coaching scenarios. Initially doing lift offs from the ground, but mostly I was taken very high up into the clouds and blue sky… it felt ridiculously high. There were flat silver disks – maybe about a 6-10 foot circumference – in a variety of staggered positions in the clouds. I was standing on one and was being encouraged to jump off into the sky below. I felt some hesitation, but I also fully trusted the familiar beings that were with me. I jumped off and was falling very fast, as expected, when I remembered something that felt like “but of course!” I will call on this ability right now. I simply called on the knowing and ability and it literally “engaged” in that second. “It’s like riding a bike… you never forget.” And the key to this was, DON’T THINK. There was zero thinking involved in this event.

This is a strange statement as I type it, but the very best part of the dream wasn’t the flying – as thrilling as that was – it was the feeling within my body when it remembered and engaged!!!  And within that feeling was all the other amazing inner tech that I knew I could draw on again if I chose.

I’m phasing out the “Coming Out as a Contactee” Facebook Page. It doesn’t feel right for me to use my energy for that now. Some of us are building community via other platforms, and that feels far more direct and supportive – with more of an efficient approach and use of our energy.

Meanwhile, don’t think… just FLY! (…and laugh and shout with exuberance and joy!)

I wrote this song, “Fly”, at the turn of the century. Like most of the material I’ve received and shared over the years, it was always intended for this time, and it makes far more sense in this current context… just like a lot of our lives. Don’t give up. If it hasn’t begun for you yet, things will make far more sense very soon. Feel like you never fit in? It’s because thankfully you don’t! Engage now, and create the world that you do feel at home within.

The Shift is Done. Are You Still Feeling Loopy?


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I had a series of dreams a few nights ago that clearly validated what I’ve been sensing for awhile – what people have been referring to as THE SHIFT… well it HAS DONE SHIFTED. Oh the energies will continue to increase, and all that is false in our outer world will continue to crumble, but basically all that remains is our recognition, adaptation, and acclimation to the sheer power and beauty of what is real and natural – the truth of who we are. I laughed upon awakening from one of the dreams. Over my lifetime a lot of people have considered me to be the “loopy” one of the bunch. After you read this post you may see the irony along with me. In fact, the ones who made fun of me – with what I saw and sensed beyond the limited, and repetitive definitions of life on earth – were actually the “loopy” ones.

Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe. Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surrounding, the sphere of external influence extends to infinite distance. - Nikola Tesla, circa 1890

Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe. Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surrounding, the sphere of external influence extends to infinite distance.
- Nikola Tesla, circa 1890

In dream #3 of the night, I found myself walking around what appeared to be a mental institution with dazed and shuffling zombie “patients” who were not present and therefore could not make eye contact. So what grabbed my attention was a magical display of tiny turtles on a coffee table who wanted to demonstrate to me that anything was possible. They chatted with me, danced, flew and even turned a pile of decorative stones into an animated 5-D conga line. It was pure delight. I then looked up from this amazing display to see another human pair of eyes lock onto mine from across the room. I went over and sat across from him – chair to chair. It was a long conversation with that familiar feeling of huge knowing-downloads taking place that would be understood and more fully integrated at another time. When we were done, I looked up and saw an old tin sign that said M•I•K•O•L•A in an arched, semi-circle formation. There was a later understanding that I was conversing with Nicola Tesla himself. Why the “M” in his name? I dunno.

All of this was occurring simultaneously… with one more very important overlay. I clearly saw, and for a moment inserted myself within a few repetitive and “glitchy” holographic loops. They represented the programming that I / we personally believed was the truth about reality, and therefore willingly participated within. One in particular was a loop of being at my first job at the telephone company in Southern California and having the boss belittle me and chastise me for not following exact (demeaning) protocol. It felt horrible – just like it did back then. I could see that there were some anomalies in the loop or matrix, which helped me realize (real-eyes) that it was fake. It was buzzing, cutting out, and becoming distorted. I knew then that these loops will continue to loop as long as there are enough of us still participating and believing that these “programs of limitation” are real. (So who, may I ask, are the “loopy” ones? LOL.) Very simply put, it is our energy that perpetuates this unreal, unfulfilling-world, and therefore it can still appear to be the dominant (looping) collective reality. Each one of us needs to see this for ourselves, and then choose (and build) our new, more expanded personal as well as collective reality.

Actually, it was the first dream of the night that revealed this important piece to me: The ones who have been at the helm of this holographic, virtual world construct, have left the building. “Head”quarters have been abandoned. It is in the PAST. NOW, it is all up to us to create and live presently in a world we are literally in “heart” with. Good riddance to HEADquarters and a warm welcome to the collective, HEART-centered, natural self – the Self that lives at ONE with, and in balance with the Natural World. And make no mistake, it was abandoned because enough of us have real-eyezd our true nature.

I channeled the following related material in June 2006 from the Group Cosmic Intelligence… way before I fully understood it. As confusing as it has been, many of us have been preparing and developing ourselves for this current intersection in consciousness. And life never made sense before because we absolutely needed this larger context in which to comprehend the magnificence of our “real” identities and our very “real” power. So I’ll leave you with this…

…Be willing to rest in your residency in the Natural World and you will find an abundance of resource, creative solutions, new understandings, new approaches, and new insights that will demonstrate to others that you are in fact in a wonderful new place.

When you are firmly rooted in your new residency, you are in a position to validate, in physical form, that these newly acquired skills and insights are, in fact, demonstrable to yourself and others. And as you know, this is a requirement for most people now on the planet. They must see in physical terms how this works and that it has value. Do not put pressure upon yourself, for you are taking this one step at a time and sharing what you have learned, what you now understand, having crossed this threshold into the more truthful, natural self. You not only support each other in your varying stages of conscious rooted-ness in the Natural World, but you serve as inspiration, a beacon for those who connect with you from the past – reaching out and reaching through the distortions. This is in fact how you heal the past from this present place of orientation – both on an individual level as well as a collective level. In the present moment you discover the treasure that you have all been seeking – unlimited resource for living the fulfilling lives that you choose. And the gift that is offered from those who have found their way to the present-moment orientation in the Natural World, is to reveal to any who come within their consciousness and physical being, that there is a far more productive, fulfilling, and peaceful way of living on this planet that brings riches and success far beyond what you could imagine from the past.

Humans are in for a big surprise, as you say, when they realize and come into full understanding of what the Real World truly is. For you have all been collectively settling on a very limited view and definition of the Real World. The intellect is of great service to humans, but it is not the foundation of the Real World. The Real World is feeling and intellect blended into an interactive and harmonic resonant balance. Yet humans must first restore their feeling nature, which may initially appear to be out of balance. Once the feeling nature is restored to its fullness and the healing has been complete in regard to the past orientation, the intellect can be reintroduced into the system as servant to the heart – just a slight adjustment in orientation for humans on Planet Earth (stated with a cosmic wink). We do not mean to make light of this in this way, but it truly is a slight adjustment from the larger view…


Love Actually – A Message of Encouragement


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Red roseWe do encourage all of you at this time to observe your responses and reactions to the variety of awakening symptoms. Some reactions are seemingly not healthy, but understand in the larger context of what is occurring here, it is all understood with compassion. Your individual focus, it is encouraged, is to be attentive to your own responses, your own reactions, your own feelings. This is why we have stressed the work with your feelings so that you may more quickly and readily identify frequencies of fear and frequencies of love, and choose accordingly. Stay with Love. It seems simple. It seems like a, “…but of course I would choose love.” Permit me to say, that you may not always choose love – even in these times, with all of the practice, all of the studies, all of the workshops… we have altogether arrived at a time when all that you have understood, both intellectually and in heart, will be applied.

You will be given many, many, many opportunities to apply what you have understood to be true. Some of you will be changing your understandings after actual application. While there may be teachings and advice from your past that you resonate with, and that you feel that you have benefitted from, you may find in actual practice that it was primarily wisdom that resided in a conceptual form – an intellectual process and conclusion. You will find that when called upon to apply wisdom, things change and you will adjust accordingly. We have emphasized the importance of recognizing when you are in fear so that you may correct it as quickly as possible and continue resonating in Love, for this is vital in these times. It is not too late, if you will, to continue your exercise in “knowing what you feel so that you may feel what you KNOW”. We will not list the process at this timing for there is material available – a daily practice if you will – to stay rooted in Love.

You will all be navigating a landscape now where half of your world and environment and structures – both physically and mentally, will be crumbling, vanishing, falling. At the same time, you are intending to build on a new foundation of Oneness and Love. You must be resonating in this Love, in actual terms, not just in your mind. Thinking it does not, in this case, make it so. Feeling it, resonating with it and building from this platform will create a more effortless unfolding. Trust this. It is true. And many of you know this, and you are already embodying and walking on the planet, resonating with this frequency. You understand what is being spoken here. You are the beings who do not get triggered, respond with fear, when another individual is confronting or attacking or processing through their own fear in their own way, for it is understood it is not about you. In fact, many of you are holding the space for their unraveling so that they may loosen the bond of fear and meet you in this resonant frequency. Of course the more of you that are embodying and practicing these resonant frequencies of love, the easier it will be for all of you.

You are responsible for all that you experience, all that you speak, all of your actions… it will return to the individual consciousness more rapidly now. The mirror will be almost immediate. It is there to offer either an opportunity for immediate correction within your consciousness, or it is there to say, “Congratulations you are in Love, sharing Love, perpetuating Love, being Love, and it will only grow from this point on.” So take responsibility on this level and for your own lives on earth, how you will deconstruct, let go rapidly. In these times it is rapid, you do not have the time and space any longer to hang on – due to the frequencies that your collective consciousness is transforming and maintaining now – this level of Love. You will not be able to hang onto ideas and ways of being that are founded in fear. This will move more rapidly with each passing day. Do not be afraid. All is well. All is in perfection now.

This is, we will call it out for what it is, this is an enormous celebration throughout many dimensions. Feel that. Accept that. Play your part confidently, proudly, lovingly. Some are more aware of how they might serve, more aware than others at this point, but this will be rapidly changing. You may find, and some of you may smile at this, due to your past experience… a seeming unbelievability, but you may find that even the most stubborn of those individuals that you have encountered… the most stubborn, the most fearful, will emerge as some of the strongest leaders founded in Love. Allow this to be a possibility. Be careful about your condemning of those who you have judged as less than, less intelligent, less aware. Understand that they may step into some of the powerful leading positions in your new construct – in your new way of being. Understand that this is possible. Be very mindful, very aware of how you judge in this timing. Each individual that you are speaking to, whether they are resonating with you or not in that moment, each individual deserves respect and love. Be calm. Be clear. Speak from this resonant frequency. Strengthen this frequency so that it is more first nature, first hand, without thought. It will grow stronger.

We do make ourselves available to remind those who request it, some of these practices for finding that resonant frequency. And there is no doubt by the way, once it is found, your body will explode with it in joy. It will recognize…. all of the cells of your being will recognize this frequency. Your body is one of the greatest tools now to help you in relocating this frequency when you have temporarily set it aside. Frequency is the key. Feeling and vibrating with these frequencies of power, truth, love, peace, will make all the difference in your changing world. This is where your power lies. Understand this clearly. It is vitally important that you surrender your first choice of working solely with the intellect in your focus, and the rebuilding of your world. It is not that intellect does not play a part. There is no judgement of intellect. But understand that the first platform of being and creating is the platform of Love, the heart. The intellect serves the heart. This is the foundational lie that was given to you – that it was the opposite. It is not that. Understand your natural state is operating in Love – applying, building, creating, using your intellect from that stable ground, that firm ground of Truth.

Verbally channeled from the Resonant-Heart Intelligence
Feb 22, 2013
via EM



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