Woman Truth – Turn it Up


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Photo by Karen Kuehn

“Don’t look now, but we’ve found, we’re super heroes with magic power.”  – Woman

This song came through 10 years ago, to be the ending credits theme song on a documentary about women who have had lifetime contact with benevolent, ET intelligence. I was one of the subjects of this film. It never made it to the public screen in its entirety and I’m not exactly sure why. It was a very powerful piece. Maybe too powerful?

I understand that a balance of the masculine-feminine is more in line with where the healing and restoration of our consciousness is headed, but first the long-oppressed feminine (non-gender based) voice expects to be heard. As uncomfortable as it may be for some humans to be exposed to the extraordinary power of woman standing up and speaking her truth, this reconciliation and ultimate balancing of our collective consciousness is ever so vital now. I’m working on a new media project to encourage, and to help provide a safe place – anonymous if some wish – to simply speak the truth. Honesty and authenticity is fast becoming a necessary nutrient or medicine that triggers our eternal ONE HEART to awaken within. Once this is underway, the fragmented masculine will be relieved of its “duty” to “manage” or direct a virtualized version of life on Earth, thereby making a “wholly” new playground for ALL to thrive on Earth.

Thank you to the already growing collective of women’s (feminine) voices who are choosing to speak what is actual now, instead of looping or pretending to be small in order to survive in this once desolate, heart-less virtual world. This is why I am dedicated to developing this new media platform – designed to encourage the Sacred Feminine to share the truth – from every where and every walk of life. More to come. ~ EM

Another day

I see his face

And he’s still saying

To be afraid

The world is orange

The world is gray

It’s getting old you know

His way

I had no idea there was

Something in the air, something underground

I had no idea there was

Something lost, but now that it’s found

In the name of love – in the name of woman

I can feel

Things are getting better each day

It’s getting better – (time for) her way

The secrets out

It’s not about

Your mounting

War for treasure

Don’t look now

But we’ve found

We’re super heroes

With magic power

You had no idea there was

Something in the air, something underground

You had no idea there was

Something lost, and ’cause of you it’s found

In the name of love – in the name of woman

I can feel

Things are getting better each day

It’s getting better – (time for her way)

I didn’t know ’cause

I wasn’t told

That says a lot you know

It’s a good thing

We were listening

When you’re out of ideas

The power of woman takes hold

We had no idea there was

Something in the air, something underground

We had no idea – we had the power all along

We had no idea that there was so much more

And it’s landing on our very own shore

It’s a good thing

It’s a good thing we are listening

to the language of love

The language of woman

(Feeling, feeling, feeling)

Things are getting better each day

It’s getting better

2005 by Eileen Meyer, Produced by Larry Mitchell

Live With IT


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innocence is the key to freedom from this senseless place

i say keep your weighty explanations of grace…

let me breathe and play dance and pray… i’m the same as an ocean a mountain a song… i belong to all and nothing… i am…

you can stay there in your mind if you like… i’m not going anywhere… wanna let go? end the battle and close the show?

stop open the door open the heart it’s a sphere not a box it’s right here… there’s the knock! now who do you suppose is there? go ahead talk! talk to the creator of all… why not? because someone… well just about everyone said you are not that which is beautiful? do yourself a favor let it go for good… let it fall into the abyss
this is god and I am that I am
in you…

live with it

let me breathe and play dance and pray… i’m the same as an ocean a mountain a song… i belong to all and nothing… i am you

I can hear you thinking… could I be god? could this be true? innocence says you are and it is…

live with it!

~ EM 2007

It’s Not Rocket Science


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NotRocketSciWow. It’s pretty crazy out there. Indeed, “out there”, where everyone is jockeying for one final, meaningful identity and position in the crumbling cray-cray. It’s pointless.

What’s happening “in HERE”? Stay HERE. Meet Prime Source HERE. We are ALL meeting our Maker now. The sooner you can halt the shiny-object distractions out there and show up with the vibrational Center of YOU, the sooner you will find that you are NATURALLY integrating these powerful energies of HOME. It isn’t “too technical”. It isn’t a battle…

It isn’t rocket science. It’s the return to your natural state. Everything you need to KNOW about who you are, your cosmic and Natural-World network, and all of your natural gifts, is HERE. Mother Earth is helping you, and SHE needs your attention to be with her NOW. 

Even if you just walk outside, take your shoes off, sit on the Earth, breathe deeply, and ask that you be shown the TRUTH of who you are. THIS is a LOUD statement from your heart to the ONE HEART. And IT will respond.

I bow to you. I honor you. I AM YOU.

From my heart to yours…

Just a public service announcement… with LOVE. Continue on about your day…

~ EM

Lightworkers… GO BIG


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angel-shadowHere’s the down and dirty of transformation 2015. I’ll share first. You are welcome to contribute in the comment section as well, or write to me. This may turn into a regular support group/community podcast or radio show (or something else?) if this resonates. Since being blasted with high frequency my whole life, to adapt to what’s coming and be of better support when it does, I feel pretty darn ready.

However… it’s been rough for me of late. My physical body was triggered into panic attacks from being in the vicinity of my childhood and early adult abusers back in May. I’d never had a panic attack before in my life. Obviously my body demanded deeper healing than what many years of “talk” therapy provided. It’s the physical body that needs to be free and clear to adapt to the Final Phase of “Meet Your Maker” in these extraordinary times. My EMDR therapist is perfect for the job. A wonderful blessing. It is all being integrated into my book.

I am remembering and integrating more about my lifetime contact. Big chunks of “knowing” dropped in the other day. It came in the form of a rapid-fire, 3rd-eye movie revealing the More of who I am/we are, which highlighted several very specific contact experiences in the past. I was also shown the entries in my “contact journal” from the 90’s. I searched for them… found them… in a box… in the garage. Yep. There it all was. But wait! There’s certainly more.

What’s coming? Some people refer to it as a Galactic Wave. That works. I have translated it in the past 10 years as the I AM Field as well as the “Meeting Our Maker” references too. All of the old words, stories, and characters don’t matter now. You’ll see. The data that you require to come online with your Universal or Source Self will tingle and light up every cell of your body… yet it may feel very frightening initially. Breathe through it and continue to repeat, out loud, I AM HERE. Trust me, this sounds simple but it is highly effective. Soon many of you will be activated and more fully engaged to BE and DO what you came to BE and DO – with Gaia, humanity, and beyond.

I was shown that I, and many others, are integrating and embodying our off-planet, expanded consciousness at this time. Some will frame this as ET, which is fine, but the full-circle, new/ancient consciousness isn’t just about one species, or other planets and dimensions. It’s bigger than that. I cannot stress this enough. REALLY GO BIG WITH THIS. I was also shown that these messages are primarily directed to the Lightworkers – to help you feel stronger and more confident about being here. You will be experiencing this first. If this hasn’t happened to you yet, prepare, because I’m told that what happens with me is, and will be, happening to you very soon. Please don’t get caught up in dates and timeframes, but know that your purpose will be far more clear in the coming weeks and months. You are the Meek Inheriting the Earth.

I pressed the record button when I felt the energy, just as I always do, so I have an audio file of my conscious blending with the beings that have visited me my whole life – primarily the Mantis. I became aware that I will blend and speak as this integrated being without going into the full, altered, translation state. This Mantis form is of a gold light vibration, so when the blending occurs, my form (seen in 3rd eye) is more of a high-frequency gold light than a solid Mantis form that people may be familiar with from UFOlogy. This is all very exciting and freeing to me. And remember, what happens to me, will soon be happening to you.

I had been posting my audio files on Soundcloud but I had to let that monthly expense go. If you’re interested in hearing this file, please write to me here. (Update: Sorry if this link didn’t work before. Should be fixed now.)

Also, I am moving… but I don’t know where? I am told that this clarity is coming and may very well arrive through others’ inspirations. We are a family.

More to come…

Blessings to you all. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. ~ EM

Note: This button is to receive monetary support for private coaching sessions or to support a new media community forum for these exciting changes that are occurring within us now. Or… whatever your inspiration might be. Gratitude (bow). 


Living Love – A Poem


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Photo by EM Meyer

There’s a strange vibration
In the air today
So I play in the neutral zone
When the thoughts arrive
To hurry me
To worry me
Into some sort of action
Or robotic distraction
I simply state
I AM that I AM
No fear
I am none
I AM quietly
Living LOVE
~ EM ~

Recreating Life on Earth: 101


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So you have an inspiration, a feeling, a knowing of what you’d like to be and create now…

A word to the growing-wise. Please don’t assume that your fresh, present-moment inspirations must fit into past models, framing and context. It doesn’t. This is what is different. This is what has changed.

We do a disservice to our fellow man when we feed the old system with our new inspirations. Listen to the Universe. SHE will inform and coach us into the recreation of ourselves and our own unique creative service to ALL beings – including Gaia Herself.

How to listen.

Notice that the ego/intellect will feel a sense of urgency in locating and inserting the new inspiration into the framing of what already exists, otherwise known as “the past”. Wait. Breathe. Walk. Listen. Further inspiration will come in this Presence.

Instead of requiring instant validation from the outer world for all of your present-moment, brilliant creations, STAY connected with the Universal Source from which it came. Learn how to sustain this feeling-language of Love, and your confusion around how to proceed with life on earth at this timing will dissipate. Clarity will then surface within you.

One of the few times I ever truly connected with the energy and presence of the “Jesus” persona, was in a lucid dream 20 years ago. He demonstrated to me in this hyperaware state, that when it comes time, humanity must understand that there is no possibility of remodeling our worldview based on all (or even some) of that which we have known from the past.

The past is gone. What is here now? I AM… and all that resonates with LOVE.

Join me. Let’s listen NOW, and follow this amazing thread of eternal inspiration. There is absolutely no-thing to lose. Jesus said so… when he told me about “The Second Time”.  ~ EM

“Second Time” – A song from the album, All in One Day.

Sex, Money and Identity – the Flip Side


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“Everything that you thought you knew and understood about human sexuality is radically transforming…” Sound of Gold Files – Audio File Below.

I’m inspired to share this –  as a result of the recent Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage in America. It’s a wonderful thing when our outer world matches or validates what we (individually) have already claimed within… a statement that the collective is beginning to mirror this movement of compassion and welcoming for all human choice in the areas of being IN and sharing LOVE, and it has everything to do with our own self-valuing.

A decade ago I was informed by this Field of Consciousness that “in the 20-teens” (2013-2019) our identities (including sexual) are all up for major review (among many other things). The strong advice was to KNOW as clearly as possible, who you are and what you want, and you will move more effortlessly through these times that are guaranteed to challenge your egoic-based identities and world views. And naturally, as a result our relationships are challenged as well.

Our true currency and value has been hijacked and our sexual currency has been diminished into something that has little to no recognizable markers from the Universal or Source view. In fact, this unique conditioning with sex and money – or rather, the extreme re-direct or projection of our own natural experience of Prime Source currency into outside symbols – is a rather genius way to keep humanity in the dark, the pain, the confusion, and the angst as we grapple with these unnatural states that ultimately boils up into a delicious food for the hijackers and their allies in human form on Earth.

F*ck that. Again, as I have stated before, I really don’t care about who and what happened before. I’m only interested in the Power of RIGHT NOW.

If each and every one of us had a gazillion dollars, or on the flip side, if we stopped using money (or symbols) of your Prime Source Current-cy, how would this change how and who you have sex with? …or if you’ll even engage in human sex as you had previously accepted and defined it? In other words, if you fully owned and embodied your unlimited universal currency, how does this change relationships? Families? Communities? Etc.?

I share this audio file on the topic. This transmission rather surprised me at the end of last year so I simply filed it away. Now that I’m seeing more honest writing, speaking and sharing on the topic, I feel that I can share how I was informed on these topics from this familiar Field of Presence. I hope you find it helpful, healing, and relevant.  ~ EM

Why the Establishment Fears the Feminine


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The evidence is everywhere. This highly-controlled virtual reality has always depended on the suppression of Feminine Wisdom and our built-in Body Technologies. Once we (both genders of course) understand our power and ability to activate, access, balance, and begin practicing or employing these feminine technologies, we transcend our attachment to the thought-based control and harvesting systems. Although, in actuality, the virtual walls have already fallen. What we observe in the outer world is simply the appearance of continuity or sameness because the collective still believes we can only “tune into” one narrow (3D) bandwidth at a time. In truth, the Universe is broadcasting infinite love and wisdom right now. So how do we tune into these frequencies and not only practice our feeling-knowing capacities, but consciously engage all of our natural power and abilities right where we are?

One way is to stop reading articles, books, and seeking answers (with plenty of drama) from others who still only access the thought-based grid. I realize that this might seem strange for me to say, as a blogger and future author, but it is the paradox of all paradoxes. Language can be a prison, and it is one of the main reasons we continue to loop in 3D consciousness – ad infinitum.

Energy, frequency, vibration… are these just words to you? Or do you feel and know the embedded data directly in your body? (Fem-Tech) The biggest irony for me now is that I am still trying to write that book – only because I want to share with you what it looks and feels like to me – to reach the last rungs of the ladder between fragmented consciousness and balanced, energetic wholeness. We must all become investigators, detectives, travelers, and scientists now… while simultaneously BEing the wide-eyed, innocent, and child-like beings that we are.

When the only book I will ever write is complete, I will make myself available more often in group and one-on-one sessions to support others in embracing these frequencies that initially feel quite foreign and sometimes terrifying. I call it “Embody-Building”, and it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. In fact, the heart must first be felt, seen, appreciated and employed in individual consciousness with grounded feet on the earth; only then it is possible to engage collective heart-consciousness in communion with our planet and beyond.

As many of you are already aware, I am a lifetime contactee, but it doesn’t look or sound like others’ experiences that I have found out there. I desperately tried to find “sameness” or “matching” resonance in the virtual world to explain or support my contact with expanded intelligence and the resulting adventures in consciousness. It wasn’t found there and it never will be. I had to come up with the courage, all on my own, to trust the frequency of LOVE – no matter how crazy everyone around me thought that I was… and still do. I was shown repeatedly in my contact-communion experiences that we are freeing ourselves through our vibratory reconnection to the rest of ourselves – primarily the resurgence of that which has been referred to in the past as the “lost” feminine, or “holy grail” of our being.

So… as long as we continue to support the 3D world of symbols – thoughts, words, people, or paper that stand for, or stand-in as a placeholder for our own power, value and abilities, then here we shall stay – habitually handing it all over to the matrix, as we chime in with the devaluation of the feminine – our most precious resources not only on Earth, but also lying dormant within our very being. If you like what you are experiencing on Earth now, by all means continue. But if you truly want to break free, it’s time to allow the rise of your own feminine power.

I say, lose the drama. Lose the stories. Lose the people in your life who act as the sticky glue that keeps your energy and resources attached to the hamster wheel of pain and limitation that we once accepted as “life” without question. And one more important concept to lose… any story, definition, or character that you bought into about what the Sacred Feminine means. Lose ALL of the placeholders – even the archetypes – at least until you FEEL and KNOW and OWN this for yourself. Only then can we marry or balance back into the benevolent masculine frequencies and experience wholeness – our natural state, fully immersed in the natural world on Earth.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. ― Nicola Tesla

New Event in Tucson and Update


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I’ll be back in Tucson, Arizona on July 22nd for another Group Healing Circle (click on image for more details). I will even be singing a few songs to set the tone for the evening. If you live, or will be in the area, please let us know if you’d like to attend. A huge thank you to the dear folks who will host again. Love you guys!

G Healing Circle Half Flyer J

RSVP HERE – limited seating

Meanwhile, a little update on me personally…

I’ve got transiting Saturn doing a tap dance on my ascendant. The result? I’ve disowned a narcissistic family member. I finally realized that I must accept the things I cannot change… ever, ever, ever. So I’m done with the last, draining toxic person in my life. I only held on because, you know, it was family. Whew that conditioning goes deep.

This seems to have triggered some old childhood and young-adult trauma that I thought I was long done with. Soon I will be receiving EMDR Therapy to assist my physicality in fully releasing what was still hidden and hanging on – even after years of talk therapy. It is very unexpected, and yet it’s here demanding my attention. I’ll be happy to share more about it when I have something more coherent to say. Right now it’s all in the wordless, feeling-body range.

It feels freeing. It feels perfect. It feels like I’m going to explode with my super powers as a result of cutting my last shitty ties to the past.

As always, I share honestly in this way to inspire. We give each other permission to be more. Others have done this for me and I am grateful beyond words.

A big hug and thank you to American Kabuki and other sites for sharing the past few audio posts here on the blog. You’re the best. ~ EM Meyer

The “Meek” are Activating and Inheriting the Earth – from Gaia


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Audio File below.

An unexpected message this morning… It is directed to Mother Earth’s Team Leaders – formally known as “The Meek that shall inherit the Earth”. She explains that this is how you were viewed in the old world (matrix). In the New Earth, you’re pretty much a bunch of kickass leaders. I could feel it! Wow. If you are feeling lost or down, or doubting your original inspirations and “knowings” that you have an important role to play here and now, this message is for you. ~ EM

P.S. I edited out the unusual soundings that occurred before language began. As always, let me know if you are interested in these sounds and I’ll make that available to you. I simply cannot recreate these sounds when I’m out of present-moment consciousness. I find that so interesting.


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